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    Hate this life!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate my life, im in the house almost 24/7, i spend most of that time on my own,only 1 or 2 friends call, but those who dont visit call themselves my friends on facebook and live only minutes away, and the funny thing is if i died all of them would show up at my funeral even most of my family...
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    Dr's in london, england???

    Has anybody heard about any dr's doing treatment in london???
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    Hyperbaric oxygen treatmemt

    Has anybody had this treatment and if so has it helped im due to start it on tuesday
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    Can you tell me wot clinics there are in europe???

    sorry l havnt been in touch everyone, ive had alot of family problems hopefully there out of the way now wot l am interested in finding though is a stemcell clinic in europe so l would appreciate anyones help
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    My Grandaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone, ive had problems with the internet for the last few weeks, so it will take me a while to catch up!!! 4 years ago my daughter was involved with a guy who turned out to be a monster, on the outside he was charming to others, myself and the rest of my family didnt like him!!!! in...
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    im back, what have l missed?

    its been a while since ive been on here, with my daughter coming home and dealing with something personal, ive had my hands full! so what l missed while ive been away?
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    What Can Anyone Tell Me About Thromboembolic Disease?

    ive recently got back in touch with a friend from my teenage years, her house was my 2nd home, in fact l was there more than l was at my real home lol, so l was close to all the family, with my own father having died when l was 11 l suppose their dad became a substitute, through the years we...
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    I Do Feel Angry!!!

    l go on a forum at where stemcell treatment is discussed. but only one place is ever discussed and thats the clinic in the dominican republic, and although im not totally against this place, l do believe that their watering downing their treatments as everyone l know whos had...
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    bill being put through parliament today!

    theres a bill being put before parliament today, the way l understand it is this, more research is needed, into deseases like parkinsons, alzhiemers etc but theres a shortage of human eggs, so they propose to create a human animal hybrid, but they will remove as much of the animal as possible...
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    Hi everyone as you alll know, l wont be having treatment with SCB, it was hard to get any replies from my emails, it was taking them 2/3 weeks to answer them! and because of other things too, l decided not to...
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    Had Computer Problems What Have I Missed??

    ive had computer problems for the last few weeks, ive been lost without it and so glad to be back!!! ive missed you all how are you? plus im wanting to arrange to go for stemcell treatment! barbara has emailed me and mentioned a new clinic in turkey could you tell me more? sharon
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    Almost An Apolgy!!!

    I talked to my sister today about the comment she made the other week!!! although she didnt apologise outright, she did say in future she wouldnt say anything else!!! l know she will at some point, she speaks her mind!!! sharon
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    Does Anyone Know Of A Clinic Called Stem

    l came across the name of this clinic this morning while l was looking for something else!although ive decided where l want to have treatment im curious as ive never heard of this place! sharon
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    My Sisters Opinion Of Stemcell Clinics All Clinics Throughout The World!!!!

    it was my sister who had the idea for me to go for stemcell treatment she saw some articles in different newspapers about a clinic in holland, and there were other clinics springing up throughout the world and decided to fundraise for me to go as it would be my only chance of any improvement...
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    What Have I Missed??

    I hope everyone had a good christmas and new year!!! l had lots of arguements going on with my family all because l had been to see a solicitor about seeing my youngest grandaughter more so l havnt felt like coming on before christmas l got in touch with the SCB clinic, ive sent them all my...