What Can Anyone Tell Me About Thromboembolic Disease?


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ive recently got back in touch with a friend from my teenage years, her house was my 2nd home, in fact l was there more than l was at my real home lol, so l was close to all the family, with my own father having died when l was 11 l suppose their dad became a substitute, through the years we lost touch, so it was so good to see her again, but shes told me her father is ill with thromboembolic disease and is on the drug thinning drug that l am on to prevent clots, is this another name for pulmonary embolism?
she tells me there is an op he could have, but he can only have it if he has heart disease, but if he hasnt got a bad heart its a death sentence for him, 2 yrs! WHY CAN HE ONLY HAVE THE OP IF HIS HEART IS BAD!
does anyone know if this can/has been treated with stemcells?
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Sharon - I would urge her to contact some of the stem cell clinics and ask. This seems preposterous that the man can only get help if he has heart disease as well. I also find it incredible that medical professionals arbitrarily give people 2 months, 2 years, etc. Many people who suffer from COPD are told this and years later are still chugging along. Perhaps other members will have more input, but I wouldn't sit idle for 2 years waiting for the doctor's prognosis to come true if I were this man.