Hate this life!!!!!!!!!!!


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I hate my life, im in the house almost 24/7, i spend most of that time on my own,only 1 or 2 friends call, but those who dont visit call
themselves my friends on facebook and live only minutes away, and the funny thing is if i died all of them would show up at my funeral
even most of my family must think im already dead because i hardly ever see them anymore, i feel trapped inside a useless body n everyday is exactly the same, the computer and bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sharon - I know many on here feel your frustration and isolation. I truly hope that you are still looking into the possibility of stem cell treatment at some point. Is your sister still opposed to it?
Did you contact the group I sent you the information on? There has to be someone out there willing to do an orphan study on you.
I hate seeing you down. It does no good except to make life more stressful.
Do you have a pet? I am a great believer in pets for those of us that find ourselves unable to do all the things that others take for granted. With a cat or dog, they accept and love us for what we are.