im back, what have l missed?


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its been a while since ive been on here, with my daughter coming home and dealing with something personal, ive had my hands full!
so what l missed while ive been away?


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Great answer Bea! We missed you Sharon, so I do hope the feeling is mutual. I had an autologous treatment in early September. I am pleased with my progress at this point and may have another in late November. This was a private treatment in the U.S. no less which was very nice for me to be able to not have to travel too far (only a 2 day trip by car).

I was at a large clinic for dogs and cats today and they are very busy with stem cell treatment for dogs with orthopedic problems. As I listened to one of the doctors talking to a pet parent, I thought how much has changed in the last few years and it is my sincere hope that more changes will be coming our way very soon. If the dogs are getting treatment close to home, why not the rest of us?


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l missed everyone here, alot was going off at home, l just wasnt in the right frame of mind, im not sure l am now but l did miss everyone and thought it was about time l posted, l noticed you both had treatment, how did it go and have you noticed any improvement?


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Uh huh....

Yes, Sharon, I did have the autologous cell treatment. I feel REALLY good!! Every day! I feel more energetic---and, I feel "well". My FEV1 %age is up from prior to treatment and I am taking "fuller" breaths!!!!