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  • I had given SiriCell her name, but they aren't ready to go yet. I am worried about her as I haven't heard from her even though I e-mailed her. You need to order HGF Danny. How are you feeling?
    Thank you Barbara. I'll contact Lung institute and and order HGR. Camen e-mailed me last month and she said that she is joining a Clinical trial by SiriCell Technologies Inc. I think this company expand the stem cell before injecting back to the patient. I am not sure how it is different from other stem cell company in Mexico.
    I continue to inject it every 8-12 weeks. I think it has helped me greatly. Have you heard from Carmen? I am worried about her. She has been so depressed lately.
    After my stem cell treatment in Tampa, I had a six month supply of HGF injection shipped to me every month. You have the same treatment in Tampa. Did you continue to order the HGF after the six month period?
    Please ask the doctor if he has any knowledge about nerve regeneration with adult stem cells mixed in biomatrix gel transplanted through nerve conduits? when will they be in clinical trials?
    Pat - I replied to your private message. I could not make that decision for you. You need to discuss your own health issues with Dr. Feinerman. I know he does not recommend adipose in certain cases, but he is the doctor and you are the patient, so for me to put in my two cents would not be helpful whatsoever.
    Barbara, it has been a long time since I have communicated with you. I am relatively stable but still doing treatments that are available. I am going to the Lung Institute in Tampa in December and I understand they use both peripheral blood and fat to obtain stem cells. I've never used adipose tissue and am wondering what you think. I know you didn't have a good experience years ago, but I'm sure some things have changed. I'd like your input. thanks Pat
    Question for Dr. Kadish:

    My 7 years old child has cerebral palsy. Please, if you can provide me some details of the type of SCT procedures you normally perform for someone like my son, and what is the estimated amount of stem cells that he can be infused? TY
    I would like to ask Dr. Kadish if he had success treating peripheral neroupathies due to nerve trauma & infection (abscess)? If so, what type of stem cells (manipulated or non-manipulated) & number of treatments on average? Thanks, Peg
    Hi Barbara
    I'm working on a project to model MSC's growth and proliferation that could be useful for optimization of in-vitro culture of them.
    I wanted to ask some experts if they know of any theoretical or empirical models for any type of cells according to their environmental conditions. Somehow I reached to this forum and I assume that maybe someone here could help me with some information.
    I just wanted to ask you (as I see you are a very diligent user) to recommend me to where and how is better for me to post my question.
    Thanks in advance.
    No, you are just posting to me. After you sign in, go to the Pulmonary section. Click on New Thread if you want to start a discussion. If you just want to join in a discussion then you would hit the reply button within that discussion. Always, click on the Remember Me button when signing in. This gives you unlimited time to post what you want. Otherwise, you can end up getting automatically signed off.
    Hi Barb, Yes indeed I would certainly post on open forum. Just not sure how to go about it. I actually thought this was the open forum. :(
    Margz - Each patient is different. I'm sorry but I couldn't predict what kind of improvement you will get. I think the HGF growth factors are very important so I hope you can continue to take those. You certainly traveled a long way. As I have mentioned about my own treatment, there wasn't ever a WOW moment, just slow improvements and a complete stop of the progression of my disease. I hope you will post on the open forum at some point.
    Hi Barbara, I recently had stem cell treatment from Dr Freinerman in Tampa. On returning to South Africa I tried to order all the products livLong site but US does not deliver to South Africa. I was able to source most of the other meds that I need to continue to take, the only other thing that I cannot get in SA is the Trans Retionic Acid. It has been three weeks since my procedure and have had some good days and I am hoping to see more of an improvement in the following weeks. What sort of % increase of lung capacity can I expect to gain. Kind regards
    My May Ask the Doctor Question is: Which stem cell would be best for neuropathic nerve pain/neuritis...manipulated or non-manipulated?
    Carmen - If the product gave you improvements, then that's what counts. I already take many of the supplements that are in Maxgxl. I don't like how they market the product, but the product does have some good ingredients it looks like.
    hi barbara- did i tell you about this food supplement i tried called maxgxl that really gave me some improvements? can you google copd and dr. robert keller to hjear what he has to say on its effects on the body and copd. tell me what you think. thanks
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