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  • Hello Barbara. I am very sorry to hear about your mother's passing. My deepest condolences. I've read the first installment of Dr. Bill's answers posted by Jeannine. I will ask the next doctors about the bio-identical hormones. Other women got together on Oprah, doctors even and said it was perferctly safe and natural. Anyway, take care and wishing you and everyone on the forum a better and happier, healthier new year.
    Carmen - Had a horrible Christmas. My mom passed away on Dec. 24th. Dr. Bill has the questions. Hope to get his answers back soon. Some believe that what Suzanne Somers advocates is dangerous. I really don't know, but you might want to throw that question out for the next Ask the Doctor.
    I should have added that whenever you have a new subject, please start a new thread. Just click on the button for New Thread that appears above the darker blue line on the home page. You do have to give it a title, but it's really simple to do. Thanks, Barb
    Carmen - I was trying to move your post on adipose stem cells into the Research News forum and somehow lost it. Can you repost it there. It didn't belong in the ICMS news. You could also post something like that in Stem Cell Discussion. Either one. Sorry about that.
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