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    A lot of Hope

    You can actually buy it online to nebulize. I know someone who is using it. Sorry, I've not been active lately. My husband had a couple of strokes and it's been a rough year. He's doing a lot better however.
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    Where is Barbara?

    I've been very busy lately in case anyone is wondering about the lack of posts from me. My husband suffered a couple of strokes in late May, spent a month in the hospital and is now at home under in home therapy care. He is improving thankfully, but all the care of our animals and home are now...
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    Hydroxychloroquine for Knee Arthritis? The Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine could now be the most controversial drug on the planet based on early suggestions that it might help people with COVID-19...
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    The FDA's Stem Cell Reformation Must Go Beyond COVID-19

    Or any patients for that matter.
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    People with lung conditions should NOT wear face masks if it makes it hard to breathe, experts caution as hot air and tight fit can trigger symptoms
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    New research into stem cell mutations could improve regenerative medicine

    Science Daily Date: May 14, 2020 Source: University of Sheffield Research from...
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    How to breathe properly for better health
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    Sad announcement

    Member Strikeforce aka Pat passed away in April. I will miss him as he was also a FB friend. He was a super nice person who always wanted to try stem cell treatment but never got the opportunity. RIP Pat
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    Mucus breakthrough could help patients breathe easy

    Science Daily May 13, 2020 Source: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Summary: New insights into the molecular mechanisms...
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    Take a mental health test
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    A Call for $5.5 Billion More and 'Silence' from Scientists

    Maybe, others who received money from CIRM are too busy blogging or finding ways to get rich. Hard to tell. May 12, 2020 California Stem Cell Report The story of jCyte, Inc., the California stem cell firm that notched a $252 million deal last week, contains a chapter that might be...
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    Correlation of FDA Against Stem Cell Treatments and Covid-19 Pandemic

    Here's an article on Dr. Milkovits. No matter one's thoughts on this, she should not be censored. It raises legitimate concerns as to why that has happened. Thanks for posting the video LLL6521.
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    Can this Israeli corovavirus drug 'completely prevent' lung damage?

    Bonus BioGroup has completed a preliminary study of a new drug to treat acute and life-threatening respiratory distress in COVID-19 patients. By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN MAY 13, 2020...
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    Certain foods support healthy lungs

    That's a good price. I used to take it but haven't for several years. It was great for knocking out my chronic bronchitis problem.