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Dear everyone:

I am a junior member of this wonderful forum and have been talking to Barbara and a few other members. But I would like to share with everyone my recent experiences in my battle with my emphysema which I was alarmed to know from my pulmonologist recently is in stage 3. I am not on O2 but it is alarming nevertheless. I was feeling very bad and depressed until I met a doctor from Australia, Dr. Bill Paspaliaris who was very interested in pulmonary cases and works with a doctor here in the Philippines (where I live) , Dr. Lucero. Together they do adipose-derived stem cell procedure and recently Dr. Lucero told me of this wonderful website which I think everyone should look at, and not only those with pulmonary problems. The website is: <> . I am going to undergo the procedure here in Manila and will be telling you all how it went. If you would like to know more about these wonderful doctors, I will be glad to tell you more. I don't know if we're allowed to post doctors' websites but I think with IFATS - which stands for International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics and Science - you will already have a clear view of what they are doing. Plus there are hospitals in the U.S. where they are already doing this. I hope that this wil help many people who, like me, are suffering with a degenerative disease for which up to only recently have had no cures or hope at all. My pulmoologist did not help one bit as he called al;l these things "a quackery". But I am confident and hopeful that it will help me. So check it out please and hope it helps you all.

Thanks and have a good day.
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Hooray for Carmen

Carmen - Thank you for posting this information. We do allow websites that are informational in nature, but not those for individual doctors and companies. We actually had a few companies that tried to "invade" the forum posting in all the different areas and of course leaving their websites everywhere. We decided after that that websites for doctors and their respective companies would be allowed if they host the Ask the Doctor forum and post them there or if they want to do a sponsor link that is fine too.

But back to you! This is really wonderful that you are going to get to be a pioneer. I wish you all the best and look forward to your updates. It is nice to have found such caring doctors too. As for your pulmo, he sounds typical of someone that is fearful of what stem cell therapy might mean to his practice. Hopefully, he will join the 21st century and take some courses to learn more about how stem cells work. I am glad you weren't put off by his negativity.