Starting a new thread or replying to a post


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It is really quite simple to make a post on this forum and even to start a new thread. Make sure when you log in that you click on the Remember Me box each time. This way if you take too long composing your post, you won't get automatically signed out. Once you are logged in, determine where you want to make your post. If it is a new subject, you will need to pick out the correct forum to post in and then click on the small box that says New Thread. You will need to make up a title as well. Once you have composed your message in the box provided, scroll down and click on Submit New Thread or Preview Post if you wish to proofread it one more time. If after you have finished posting, you find you want to make a change, just click on Edit at the bottom of the post and make the change. If you post your thread in the wrong forum, a moderator will move it to the correct forum, so do not worry about such trivial things.
It is more important to post than to worry about placement, grammar, punctuation, etc.

If you are simply replying to a post that has already been made, just click on the reply button and add your two cents. You do not need to title a reply unless you want to.

I hope this helps. The worst that can happen is that you get the post in the wrong forum. The biggest problem people seem to have is not remembering to click on the box that says Remember Me. Do that and you are home free.


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new thread

Hi Barbara:
There must be something wrong with me I can never find the box which says new thread. Anyway, what I want to know is that many of you have posted having gasp-free showers after your stem cells. This is a major thing for me because I'm always gasping when I get out and have to get directly into a bath robe and lay down while I catch my breath before dressing up. It shows a big improvement therefore in your conditions. I just wish my next stem cell treatment would really improve my condition because I am so tired of not being able to do so many things, I am getting very discouraged but I know you said I have to keep positive so I'm really trying. Dr. Bill arrives in November so until then I can't tell you how the treatment he plans will be, although it will still be adipose-derived. Thanks.


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Go to the forum you are wanting to post in. Once you are there, look on the left hand side right above the darker blue band that runs horizontally and has the words THREADS IN FORUM. Right above that band, it should say NEW THREAD. Click on the word New Thread and write your message and title it. You cannot start a new thread without a title. Above the words NEW THREAD you will see another darker blue band that says User CP, Blogs, FAQ, etc.
If you are into a thread reading, the "new thread" button becomes a "post reply" button. So you have to be in the category header to create a new thread


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Good point Tony. What I told you Carmen only works when you have not entered into an already existing thread. You must start fresh as soon as you get to the forum of choice.