flu shots and pnemonia shots


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I have been looking for the post about flu and pneumonia shots---but couldn't find it.

Our local Safeway store has been advertising flu shots--I called the health Dept, they said no shots yet---called Safeway, was told health dept, told them they could not give the shots until after Oct. 1st---:mad:I will already be on my way by then--

My Dr. office told me anyone 65 and older needs a pnemonia shot every 5 years---so, I am due for that also---

Anyone else having trouble getting their flu shots????



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Thats corect you wont get a flu shot before October. Is normal as they wont know what strains the viruses will be .As for the pneumonia shot,I have heard people being told once every 5yrs,8yrs and 10yrs,take your pick. My Dr said every 10yrs,I am 69 in November.So if I live to be 80yrs?,one more to go lol ZAR.


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Flu shots available here in Phoenix area Arizona

Hi Rose,
We have flu shots available as of today in local supermarkets and CVS drug stores. I am taking hydrogen peroxide treatments [just started] so don't know if I want flu shot, but my husband will have it. I have a homeopthic type flu preventative. I'm sorry you can't have it before you go for treatment.


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homeopathis flu treatment

joy I will be going with the infamous 5 on the 4 of Oct so I willnot be able to get my flu shot could you please tell me what homeopathic substance you are using instead of the shot I don't want to mess with the treatment but also don't want to get the flu by the time I able to get the shot flu season will be over I am now taking silver my herbalist recommended it to prevent infection but am always interested in finding new things thanks Bev in FL


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Homeopathic Flu Drops

Hi Bev,
I am useing Mountain States Health Products, Inc. Viral Immune given to me by my chelation homeopathic doctor. It is from practioners only. If you have a homeopathic doc, they might have it, or something similar. Regrds.


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Walgreen's is offering flu shots in my area over the next two weeks.

I usually get a notice from my doctor that the clinic will be giving them so I usually go there.