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  • Bev
    That is too bad. I think it's pretty bad for them to treat you that way though. Not serious? Of course you tried stem cells first. Who wouldn't? I am hoping something happens soon too. Keep me posted on how you're doing. Keep some antibitoics on hand so you take them as soon as you feel somthing coming on. What I do at the first sign of a possible cold is take 2000 mg of Vit c and then take another 2000 mg an hour later. Then I take 1000 mg until the symptoms go away, I've never had to do this for more than 4 hours. My husband does it too and it does work. Also helps to take 5000 iu of Vitamin D each day. Stay well.
    I am supposed to go back to see Dr. F in May but dont know if I will be able to make the trip. Where in Florida ae you. This s the one time I wish that we lived in Florida or maybe Georga on the south end.Texas is central to both coasts and a heck of a way to get there. Hope you are doing good. I had a wild flare up the last 10 days of December but am on the way back up again. I did manage to contract whooping cough and have been out of the office or the past week. What's next? Maybe I shouldn't ask uh?
    Bev, thanks for answering my questions. I'm sorry you haven't gotten more relief and hope you don't get any worse. I'm going back to San Salvador for a second treament. I had one in February and my progression seemed to stop. (My pulmonary function tests were the same this July as they were two years ago, so I consider that improvement. I'll be posting when I return. I had hoped to try Dr. Feinerman sometime in the future, but will wait to see how others do. Godd Luck. Sometimes it just takes more time. Pat
    Hi Bev. I haven't gatten in touch with anyone over in Florida yet. WE are to see Dr Feinerman on the 18th and have treatment on the 19th and 20th. We will probably get to Saratoga on the 17th aince I will be driving and will probably be pooped.I am going to try to get in touch with him Monday( tomorrow ). I will know mare after I talk with them there and will get back in touch with you then. It's not long now. Everett
    Hi Bev
    I was bugged for a transplant 5 years ago. I could be dead by now if I listened to them ready to carve me up but against stem cells. Go figure.

    Anyway - I paid for my treatment over a year ago but then got sick and had to postpone until March. Another member told me Dr F was currently charging about somewhere between 7-10k depending on your condition. You should contact him and find out. Tell him I referred you and it might help you to get a decent price. He is a very caring man so I'm sure he will do his best for you. Good luck
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