Dr. Bill


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Carmen - Please continue to ask Dr. Bill to become a member of this forum. Do you know what countries he offers treatment in besides the Philippines?


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Hi. I am continuing to ask him to join this forum, it's just that right now he is in Texas and then he also mentioned Pittsburgh where he would be giving lectures on this new method of his in treating COPD. So I guess he's just been very busy, but when he comes to Manila in November I aim to get all the info out of him that I can. I know Adistem's clinics are in Hong Kong, Thailand, and here it's just a representative office, so if he does any treartment here it should be with a filipino doctor. i hope you were able to see the video well, as sometimes the subtitles were not so clear, as they were all speaking in greek. I only found it yestereday when I checked adistem.com. So since it'sd on youtube I decided to share it with all of you. I hope to come up with more news on this soon, which I will be reporting to you asap. Thanks for your support. Let's all pray and keep our fingers crossed on this one.