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    I wanted to sadly announce that a stem cell pioneer Ed Drambel's son has passed away. John Drambel was 18 years old with cerebral palsy. He was Ed's inspiration and driving force to organize a huge non-profit organization to help fund therapeutic methodologies for the treatment of CP...
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    Heavy Hammer of Big Pharma

    The countless years on this blog discussing the corrupt power of big pharma and manipulative power towards politicians $$$, FDA, and the academic researchers cheering them on for grants. I could not help and think how the heavy hand of big pharma is now truly showing their true colors by...
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    Correlation of FDA Against Stem Cell Treatments and Covid-19 Pandemic

    This is a must watch for everyone. Dr. Milkovits is very enlightening on how the FDA has approached the treatment of Covid-19. You can surmise that the general public has been played liked Stradivarius.
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    Big Lie from Suggested Diets and Pharma In-play We all have been lied to for decades dietary guidelines. Drugs is the only solution and not other alternatives like dietary changes. Watch vides from Joe Rogan with Chris Kresser! Warning, Joe Rogan throws a lot of F-bombs, so try to...
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    Leviathan's Drug Problem from John R. Graham

    Link: Executive Summary: When a pharmaceutical innovator invents a new drug, ready for distribution in the United States, the federal government responds by enforcing an automatic ban on patients’ use of the drug...
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    Cause is Ignored and the Symptom is Scrutinized

    Within the established mainstream medical system which includes hospitals, doctors, patients, researchers, and universities, you have the controversy of which regulatory body should have jurisdiction, FDA or Medical State Boards? We already know that decision was not open for discussion, thanks...
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    Scientists grow human body parts in lab

    The U.S. will be caught in the pit-stop of FDA regulations while other countries zoom right by. Read this interesting article below: click here: LONDON – In a north London hospital, scientists...
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    Stephen Hawking Stem Cell Universe Documentary

    On the science channel, they are going to show a very interesting documentary with Stephen Hawking called Stem Cell Universe. I saw the promo this past week, and I figured most of you would be interested to see it. Stephen Hawking is the most famous cosmologist and physicist of our time...
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    Brain Repair After Injury, Alzheimer's Disease

    The brain forms scars called glial scars that limit the growth of healthy neurons. Here is an interesting article from Science Daily of a new research that converts glial cells to neuron cells helping those with chronic brain injuries...
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    Novel stem cell technique may transform liver and pancreatic transplant therapies Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a new technique for creating stem cells of the human liver and pancreas – a breakthrough that could...
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    STEMSO Conference on February 7

    I (Albert Salazar) attended the STEMSO conference on February 7th representing a patient’s point of view. The conference was for three days, however I was only able to attend that particular day which was a full day. Here is my synopsis on the conference that day. The number of people...
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    Patients Being Heard for Once

    There are no words to describe the spirits of a terminally ill patient or parents who have dreams and hopes hanging on the progression of stem cells for the day that comes terminally ill patients can live, or disabled children can play and interact with normal children and siblings. The...
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    Happy Holidays!!!

    I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas!!! May we all be blessed for wonderful 2013 with happiness and most of all good health! My wish is that Dr. Centeno wins, and my son Lawrence Salazar stays healthy and strong. :)
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    "Who is John Galt?"

    “Who is John Galt,” this phrase was used throughout the number one best seller of all time, Atlas Shrugged. The novel is closely compares to everything that is going on with SCT. The character John Galt was the heroic innovator defending his accomplishments against an altruistic collective...
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    My Message to Reporters Using Researchers as Sources that Back the FDA

    Here is my concern with many news articles defending the FDA's position on adult stem cell treatments and not scrutinizing their sources mostly University Researchers. Many of the PhDs/Researchers used as sources are not medical doctors. Medical doctors have different procedural protocols...