Heavy Hammer of Big Pharma


The countless years on this blog discussing the corrupt power of big pharma and manipulative power towards politicians $$$, FDA, and the academic researchers cheering them on for grants. I could not help and think how the heavy hand of big pharma is now truly showing their true colors by pushing vaccine mandates that make no scientific sense at all considering the low mortality rate. Now they see dollar signs and lots of them, and now you see the wheels of corruption rolling over the general public’s best interest and well-being. Never mind the fact that thousands of cases of myocarditis and other clotting diseases are popping up at emergency rooms. For all of us that have been fighting for patient rights to receive legit stem cell therapy, we perfectly understand. I am sure Barb is saying to herself, “Yep, I told you so.” The wheels of corruption are deep rooted into our system of government.
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