"Who is John Galt?"


“Who is John Galt,” this phrase was used throughout the number one best seller of all time, Atlas Shrugged. The novel is closely compares to everything that is going on with SCT. The character John Galt was the heroic innovator defending his accomplishments against an altruistic collective society. Considering the book strikingly parallels our own strive for the individual rights to our own cells and all the John Galts of today like Centeno that try to defend their innovations and accomplishments, I felt compelled to mention the novel in this forum. Reading the book you can not help and make a similar comparison of the story’s newly innovative light weight steel invented by Reardon Steel, and the struggle to seek the duly rewards and unfettered values of their discoveries. In the novel, the National Science Academy (a federal agency) claims the steel is unsafe after proving it was safe. The underlying objective of the federal agency along with new government legislations was to protect our society collectively, however you find a society stifled from new innovations and economic prosperity with the philosophy that government knows what is best for all of us. Does it sound familiar? I literally read the novel years ago, but I pretty much forgot about it, until I saw the movie on Netflix last week. You literally cannot help and think this 1950’s novel closely predicted our own plight in our own current society. You draw your own conclusions; it is truly life imitating art? If you have not already please read the book or watch the movie, Atlas Shrugged. I guarantee you; you will think stem cell treatments versus big government.
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Thanks for the review LLL6521. It sounds eerily similar and very depressing at the same time.