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  • My husband has COPD. We live in Florida and I want to know if you received a lasting benefit from your treatment by Dr. Feinerman. My username is Eldave
    Everett I am so sorry I missed your post I don't think I will be going back in the near future it is a finacial problem and I put my husband in the poor house I did try to get listed for transplant but I had changed my mind so many times they won't list me now but I beleive there is a reason and it will come to light anyway I wish you the best of luck and hope you do get some sucess from the treatment please keep me informed and let me know how you are doing Bev
    I also will be going down to see Dr F on th e19 are yoou having any trouble finding a place to stay I did call th eplace the Dr recommended but they said they ween't that close to him so now I am trying to find something that I won't have to mortgage th ehouse for have you had any luck thanks Bev
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