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    Anyone else failing to get a response from XCell to treatment request?

    Hi After David's (username: dlbelbin) posting on his trip for treatment for CP for his son and also treatment for his wife I decided that X-Cell looked like the option for us as well. As my son is just about to turn three my husband and I feel there is less risk in the autologous bone marrow...
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    Wow - its own Sub Forum

    Anyone out there other that has had stem cell therapy for ASD and if so which clinic?
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    Has anyone had treatment with Bieke?

    I've posted on our intro post but we have been researching Bieke Biotech in China as well as the Steenblock/Ramirez option. This is for our 17 month old son with suspected Stroke or CP (MRI is this Thursday so hopefully we know more then). However, I'd be really interested to make contact with...
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    Another CP/Stroke kid in New Zealand

    Hi I'm another New Zealander and am Mum to Oscar who is nearly 17 months old. We are currently awaiting an MRI for Oscar on 11th September but the most likely prognosis we have to date is a paediatric stroke or possibly CP. However, given a stroke can cause CP basically we have damage to his...