Who has had Stem Cell Treatment out there?


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Your son had stem cell at duke?

How did it go? What improvements did you see from having his own cord blood cells? We have been lead to believe that it was a cure all for children with cp. You are now looking to do stem cell elsewhere?


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The treatment itself was a really quick procedure.

I am not sure what improvements we have seen from it, but it is definitely something that I would do again and WANT to do again.

I feel that this is a chance to fix the issue instead of treating a symptom.

We were not in the study b/c we didnt qualify, however we did submit everything through insurance and it was paid for (except the $25 copay) by insurance.


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mkosel0 or anyone I am not knowledgeable about this kind of treatment. If you have to have saved the cord blood, how would subsequent treatments be possible? Like I said, I know nothing about it, but I am curious.