URGENT -- New Legislation Introduced for Healthcare Reform


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Earlier today I was advised by staff in Congressman Jim McDermott's Office, that McDermott has introduced legislation that would make medical education free to primary care doctors. This is important piece of legislation and offers significant potential in reducing the cost of health care, and getting rid of the culture of fraud, unnecessary procedures, drugs, and surgeries.

The US is the only country in the world where medical students rack up between $130,000 -- $250,000 in medical educational debt before they commence private practice. I encourage each and every single one of you to contact your house members, and ask them to sign on to Congressman Jim McDermott's bill, so that it supplements the affordable health care act.

I can say from first hand experience that the quality of health care in the US is a lot to be desired and personally believe that the high cost of medical educational debt is a big factor behind this. Tort reform and other factors also play a part, and I will keep this forum posted as bills are brought up.

Also, you should contact your senators, to get a senate version of the bill going. If this bill isn't passed, the Affordable Care Act will probably fall flat on its face, since it doesn't address several other key components that affect health care cost.:rolleyes: