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Urge the Michigan State Senate to vote No on Senate Bills 647-652

Dear Stem Cell Research Supporter:

Hope for Michigan patients is under attack and we need your help TODAY!

This Wednesday, 12/20, tomorrow at noon, the Senate Health Policy Committee is expected to vote on politically motivated and unnecessary legislation restricting important stem cell research that can save lives. We need your help in opposing these bills, Senate Bills 647-652.


PLEASE call today and Wednesday, and e-mail ALL senators on the Health Policy Committee as well as YOUR senator (if you are a Michigan resident) and urge them to vote No on Senate Bills 647-652.

Health Policy Committee senators are listed below. To find your district please go to: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/2003/senatedistricts.pdf. Then look at the attached senate list to see which senator corresponds to your district.

Specifically, tell the senators:

1. This Senate legislation would hamper life-saving research into cures and treatments for many injuries and diseases, such as cancer, juvenile diabetes and Alzheimer?s.
2. Michigan voters have already voiced their support for modernizing stem cell laws and don?t want the Senate to further restrict, delay or obstruct research;
3. Strong federal research guidelines are already in place and Michigan already has the toughest restrictions of any state in the nation.

If you call and get a voice mail, please make sure you leave a message calling on the senator to oppose the bills and stand up for patients.

Please also tell your friends, family, and your associates about this important issue, and ask them to contact the senators through phone calls and e-mails TODAY, Tuesday, and Wednesday prior to the hearing held at 3:00 pm. Talking points, a draft phone script and a sample e-mail letter are attached.

Members of the Senate Health Policy Committee:

* Sen. Tom George, chair: (517) 373-0793; sentgeorge@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. Jason Allen: (517) 373-2413, senjallen@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. Hansen Clarke: (517) 373-7346, senhansenclarke@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. John Gleason: (517) 373-0142; senjgleason@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. Gilda Jacobs: (517) 373-7888, sengjacobs@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. Bruce Patterson: (517) 373-7350, senbpatterson@senate.michigan.gov
* Sen. Alan Sanborn: (517) 373-7670, senasanborn@senate.michigan.gov


Thank you. Remember, Michigan already had this battle, and the people voted yes for stem cell research!

For more information, feel free to contact:

Sophia M. Eichner, Managing Director
Michigan Citizens for Stem Cell Research and Cures
(248) 948-5555

Thank you!

Don C. Reed, Vice President Public Policy, Jacqueline Hantgan

Sample letter:

To the Honorable (Insert full name of senator here):

As a citizen of Michigan, (OR: AS THE FATHER OF A PARALYZED YOUNG MAN, PERSON WITH DIABETES, ETC) I urge you to oppose legislation that would place unnecessary restrictions on important stem cell research that can save lives. Specifically, I urge you to oppose Senate Bills 647-652.

As you know, Michigan voters have spoken. In 2008, they supported Proposal 2 to modernize Michigan?s outdated stem cell laws and bring hope to patients with devastating illnesses and injuries across our state and beyond.

The Senate legislation before you would put unnecessary restrictions on stem cell research that the voters have already decided. The bills attempt to block most of the research contemplated under Proposal 2 by redefining the terms in ways that are inconsistent with their medical and scientific meanings. Further, the package lists requirements that are medically impossible for any clinic to perform, thereby arresting embryonic stem cell research in Michigan

Worse, the Senate legislation would needlessly delay life-saving research for injuries and diseases such as cancer, juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer?s and Parkinson?s.

Stem cell research is the most highly regulated form of medical research, governed by extensive federal regulation imposed by the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

I urge you to support Michigan patients and their families, and put aside political roadblocks delaying research that can save countless. Please vote ?no? on Senate Bills 647-652.

Thank you,

(Please insert your name here)