Update stem cell paste injection for nerve pain


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Hello everyone, I wanted to update you on my recent stem cell paste injection for nerve pain. I received adipose stem injection for pudendal neuralgia & bulging disc with sciatica in January & June 20017. I haven't felt burning pelvic pain & sciatica since the injections. Dr, Todd Malan of Scottsdale, Arizona harvested adipose tissue from my abdomin through a mini-liposuction. Next he separated & counted the stem cells by computerized equipment. Then the stem cells are formed into a paste without added enzymes or other substances. The stem cell paste was injected into my damaged pudendal nerve in January 2017. My lower back bulging disc was injected in June 2017. This stem cell paste will be healing and combating inflammation . The stem cell paste will stay at the injection site for 2years. I weaned off my pain pump in February 2017. I no longer have painful sciatica or tingling down my leg. The cost of the stem cell paste injection is less than expensive back surgery. This stem cell paste can be injected into nerves, joints, & disc. It will grow new cartilage for a joint. It'll heal bulging & ruptured disc. Dr. Malan is the first physician world wide to treat pudendal neuralgia with stem cell paste injection. Take care.....Peggy Rogers