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In response to the blogpost

I posted in the comments section and was censored for no reason other than for telling the truth as I see it. (I have the comment screenshot, if you want me to upload)

""Knoeepflerr, do you want be promoted from a faculty to a CIRM spokesperson? Now you want to tell CIRM leadership how to present themselves and their opinions in a public forum?? You think CRIM folks are dumb and cant speak up for themselves or their own research and therapy goals?? How about you show up there and present coherent arguments for your side, which you are pretty much incapable of, without descending into your usual pablum about "dubious" "unlicensed" "predatory" clinics. No matter what you say, Knoepflerr, patients will have the last say on this, cos the horse has left the barn. Patients now know the power of stem cells to heal and dont see a reason why FDA should wait and make patients suffer and die.""


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I see no objectionable material in your comment. Your question as to why he is not attending is perfectly legitimate. For someone who rails on and on about the FDA not doing its job, one would think it would be a priority for him and others who profess to worry so much about patient risk to attend. Perhaps, CIRM has agreed to do his bidding. Perhaps, he already knows the outcome? However, I wouldn't put anything past the FDA as far as ethics or morality after the recent conflict of interest scandal concerning former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

Here's my comment which was posted.

Barb on February 12, 2016 at 11:19 am said:

How much faith can we really put in the FDA? Margaret Hamburg is being sued, Robert Califf’s nomination has been put on hold. What next? If our own stem cells administered by a physician were profitable to the tune of a mass produced pharmaceutical drug, would we even be having this discussion? Since Big Pharma, FDA and others aren’t making money off these therapies, it’s imperative that they be stopped.

Who really gives a hoot about the patients anyway? When we post here we always seem to get a lot of thumb’s down for our comments if they are even posted at all. And I have to agree with Tracy that anyone with such grave concerns as so many profess to have about our safety should be attending the meeting and speaking.

Since little has been mentioned about the lawsuit – here it is. You may want to plug your nose while you read it. The smell is pretty bad.