Danny O

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Thank you very much for responding to my private e-mail. I did not know how to start a thread that is why I used the private e-mail method. I just found out today how to do it. I'll try the website that you have stated and also I am going to contact Carmen on her experience with her treatment in Manila.
Thanks again, Danny


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Danny O (and others) - To start a new thread, go to the forum that the subject pertains to (Pulmonary, Cardiac, General Discussion, etc.). You must be logged in to post. Then simply click on the words New Thread which appear on the left of the screen right below the darker blue line with the subjects User CP, Blogs, FAQ, etc. It is really that simple. You do need to title your thread to post it. If you make a mistake and you have already posted, click on edit and you can change your post or add to it.

One other thing to be aware of is when logging in, always click on the box that says "Remember Me". This gives you unlimited time to make up your posts. Otherwise, you can be logged out right in the middle of a literary masterpiece!

Danny O - I know you figured out how to post, but maybe this will help others. To me, it is one of the simpler forums to figure out.