Stem Cells and Sex Wars


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I received my autographed copy of Dr. Feinerman's book, "Stem Cells and Sex Wars", that I had requested. He didn't seem to be doing any book signings in Denver (I'm sure he has a lot of free time, so I don't understand this) so I had to wait for it in the mail, but what an interesting read! Dr. Feinerman has lived and continues to live an extraordinary life helping patients all around the world. Hats off to this kind doctor who is not only a friend, but a true Pioneer himself.

For anyone interested in reading his book, it is available on Amazon in paperback, hard cover and a Kindle version.


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Dr F's book

I read it in 3 hours was more about his exploits than anything. All in all was a good read.


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I agree. If anyone is looking for hard core scientific information on stem cells or sexy stuff, his book is not that. It's a story of his life from volunteering to treat patients in Haiti to being a concierge doctor in Hawaii treating Oprah, Brittney Spears and others.

Those of you who have read it, may recognize the "red flag" warning he speaks about. HMMMMM I think that's something we use here on this forum to out those engaged in questionable practices.