Stem Cell Researchers' Conflict of Interest


In 1980, Congress passed the Patent and Trademark Act amendments to encourage universities to patent inventions made in the course of government-sponsored research, and federal grants are non-redeemable or gifts from tax payers money. Then in 1984, Congress found that the effective life of patents for pharmaceuticals was shortening as a result of the significant amount of time often required for pre-market approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Congress also found that the decrease in patent life was causing a decline in the introduction of new research, so they extended the life of patents to 17 years … Although the benefit of social good and professional recognition can be a motivation; financial profit is often the critical incentive for inventors to conduct vital research. By granting longer terms of patent protection, patentees will have an opportunity to receive royalties for a longer period of time. As more royalties are earned, more money can be invested in funds for future research and development, so researchers and non-profit institutions like Universities and large research labs are enriched by the patents. (VIRGINIA JOURNAL of LAW and TECHNOLOGY 1996)

Now you may ask why so many researchers and scientists adamantly discourage the progression and innovation of revolutionary medical procedures like stem cell treatments. Think of the implications of the unleashing power of stem cell treatments capable of replacing their patented chemical drugs and royalties. There is no doubt that stem cell innovation as an “individual medical treatment” will irrevocably devastate the drug industry, future research funding, and patented royalties, not to mention render most of their prolonged research meaningless. This is something to keep in mind when you hear research scientists saying that autologous stem cell treatments are unproven, dangerous, and justifiably a chemical drug. In truth, there is a significant conflict of interest. We need to expose these researchers whenever you hear them in blogs by replying with same information above. The general public and most news outlets are not aware of their selfish interests, and their repercussion in stalling stem cell treatments in order to line their pockets. Meanwhile, think about the consequences and affects of patients’ mortality and suffering waiting in the sidelines having the rights to their own stem cells taken away.
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Right on LLL6521. Not all researchers are protecting their own selfish interests, but the media has given a very vocal group of them carte blanche by not properly vetting them and exposing their conflicts of interest.

Since when should a PhD be dispensing medical advice anyway? I am constantly assaulted by PhD's on social media sites telling me that they are only concerned about patients' safety and the financial risks they take when getting stem cell therapy. They claim to have empathy with patients while doing everything they can to block access for us to stem cell therapy. For a long time they got away with it, but now the stalling and interference is painfully obvious for what it really is and it needs to be brought to the attention of the media, politicians and the general public.

If you see a story that allows comments, speak up. Call this group of self interest protectors out for what they are doing to sick people. Our rights are being taken from us by being denied the use of our own body parts. Physicians should be allowed to treat patients as a practice of medicine. There are many safeguards already in place - licensing of physicians, malpractice insurance, IRB's, informed consent. Heart transplants didn't even require the type of regulations the FDA has put on our own stem cells. IVF procedures aren't regulated this way. What a phony war on our basic civil rights!

The media needs to be called out as well. They need to fully disclose the conflicts of interest that a spokesperson or group such as the ISSCR has and they need to present the opposing view as well. Otherwise, their news stories need to be reclassified as opinion pieces. It's not news to have a PhD pretend to speak for physicians, patients and even fellow PhD's without being thoroughly vetted.

The latest target is getting rid of Celltex. Having already brought out the champagne to toast one another over the courts recent ruling in the Regenerative Sciences case (Dr. Centeno), the next goal is to demolish Celltex. They should not rejoice so soon however as the Regenerative Sciences case is far from over and Celltex will not roll over and play dead either.

Evidently, some PhD's don't think the rest of the world has a brain. My message to them is to please spare us your "protection" and may God help you if you ever become seriously ill or debilitated and are denied treatment of any kind. I have no idea how they sleep at night.