Stem Cell Paste


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Hello everyone,
I haven't posted here for more than 6months. I suffer with chronic neuropathic pelvic pain for the past 20 years. I've tried everything from surgery to neurostimulators to nerve blocks, & stem cells. On 1/18/2017 , I had another stem cell treatment.
70 million plus stem cells were harvested by lipo-suction by Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Malan made part of the stem cells into a paste. He injected them into my damaged pudendal nerve area. Dr. Malan told me that this paste will expand to a 4cm circumference. The stem cell paste contains very high concentration of stem cells. Stem cell paste will stay in the area for 2years. The stem cells will be healing & combating inflammation & pain. It has been 3 days post-op. I have soreness & mild spasms in my vaginal/perineum area. I do feel pressure at the area of injection. I also received stem cells by IV& inhaler. I contacted Dr. Malan regarding the spasms. He text me to say all is well. Dr. Malan told me that this stem cell paste can be used for arthritis too. Even if there is no cartilage in the joint. The stem cells will build new cartilage for that joint. Dr. Malan text me a website article 11/24/2016 of of a patient (Sarah Davis of Brentwood, TN) who suffered with ruptured disc & arachnoiditis . This left her in a wheelchair for 14 years. She received stem cell paste injection. Sarah is now walking. This is the future of Medicine! I will continue to post my post-op recovery with my stem cells.