Stem cell paste injection for pudendal neuralgia


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Hello Everyone,
Today I successfully completed my 4th decrease in my intrathecal pain pump. In 2 weeks I'll be weaned off the pump completely! I recently in January received a stem cell paste injection into my damaged pudendal nerve area. Dr. Todd Malan of Scottsdale AZ harvested 70million stem cells from my abdominal adipose tissue through a mini lipo-suction. I haven't felt burning pelvic pain since the stem cell paste injection. This stem cell paste will be healing and combating inflammation for the next 2years at the injection site. Plus there's the possibility that my damaged pudendal nerve will be healed completely in 2years. Therefore would not require any more stem cell paste injections. I greatly appreciate that this forum allows me to post information about the stem cell paste injection & Dr. Malan. Ì have been banned from 2 other forums for posting this information. They even accused me of benefiting from the posts. Which is totally false! For that would go against my oath as a nurse and a christian!!! I just want to shout from the mountain tops that stem cells have given me back my life!!! That I'm pain free for the first time in 20years!!!


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peg - When Jeannine and I first started this forum we had the same kind of accusations hurled at us. I have no idea why some people prefer to live in a cave or hide their head in the sand. I have learned to just ignore the naysayers. They seem to enjoy the negativity and hopelessness that permeates those forums. There are some for COPD that seem to constantly dwell on getting one's affairs in order instead of dwelling on hope and new treatments. Jeannine and I were banned from such a forum back in 2007 and we've never looked back. Stem cell treatment gave me my life back.

Your updates are very uplifting. I am ecstatic at how well you are doing.


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Stem cell paste for nerve, disc, and joint pain

Again thank you for establishing this forum. To encourage others to uncover every stone that can lead to recovery. I had a relative tell me that stem cell therapy was snake oil!!! I'm so glad that I didn't listen to him. Others need to know the stem cell success stories!