Psoriatic Arthritis - Steve


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I'm 37 male, father of two young ones... Diagnosed with PsA two years ago and it's really screwed up my joy of life and stole almost every hobby i had. I've started down the path of getting a MSC treatement to see if it helps with this crappy disease. Have a consultation with the doc next week. I have a relative that works in a facility in LA that performs these procedures and the doctor has been doing them for 5 years. He also is/was part of the Stemgenex network as well.

Not sure if anyone has tried this procedure for this or related diseases but please let me know if you have.



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I don't recall anyone posting with this condition so please be the first and keep us apprised of what happens. It sounds like you have decided to have stem cell treatment and the consultation is the next step. I believe it will help you because your condition is an inflammatory condition. I'm very excited to hear about your results. Thank you for joining us.