PRP for Chronic Tennis Elbow


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The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) Faculty Publish New Study: Platelet Rich Plasma for Chronic Tennis Elbow in American Journal of Sports Medicine

Julie Patchis --

Dr. Steven Sampson & Dr Danielle Aufiero as principal investigators, along with TOBI: The Orthobiologic Institute faculty Dr. Allan Mishra of Stanford University & Dr. David Karli of the Steadman Clinic in Vail recently published a randomized controlled multicenter trial examining the treatment of 230 patients suffering from chronic Tennis Elbow with PRP. Patients were selected for the trial on the basis of clinical symptoms lasting longer than 3 months and failure to respond to other conventional treatments. Half of the patients were needled with PRP injections to the inflamed tendon, while the other half were needled without PRP. Over the course of 24 weeks, the results were measured via pain score improvements and tenderness

At 12 weeks follow-up, 55.1% of PRP-treated patients exhibited a 25% improvement in pain, while only 47.4% of control patients exhibited such improvements. At 24 weeks, 71.5% of PRP treated patients illustrated clinically significant pain improvement (>25%), while only 56.1% of control patients met the clinical threshold. In addition, at 24 weeks, only 29.1% of PRP-treated patients admitted to elbow tenderness, versus 54% in the control group. The calculated overall success rates of the study revealed an 84% success rate in PRP-treated patients VS 68.3% in control patients.

This study is amongst the largest randomized controlled trials to date for application of Platelet Rich Plasma in chronic Lateral Epicondylitis. The results of the study revealed clinically significant improvements in PRP-treated patients versus non-PRP groups at long term follow up of 24 weeks. The symptomatic improvements in pain and elbow tenderness illustrated at 6 months with PRP treatment represent exciting new research in the field of Orthobiologics, supporting the use of PRP as a potentially viable option for accelerated healing with chronic tennis elbow. Although continued clinical trials are needed to completely investigate the efficacy of PRP for Tennis Elbow and other tendon injuries, this large randomized control trial has added validity to the regenerative potential of PRP.