Posting shyness


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I have had some e-mails from members that are having a hard time posting. If you post in the wrong place, don't worry, our administrator will move your post to the proper area. I would rather see people post on the open forum in the wrong place, than not to post at all. The easiest way to find out where to post, is to be on the HomePage of the forum. Look at all the forums available and then click on the one that interests you. If you want to post something about Diabetes go to that forum. If you do not see a thread that covers the subject you want, start a new thread. Click the box at the top left where it says New Thread. You will then need to title your thread. You have 15 minutes to complete a message and then click on Submit New Thread at the bottom of the message box. You may also edit your reply, once it is posted. You have to be signed on to the forum to post. You do not need to be signed on just to read the daily posts. I keep up on a daily basis by clicking on Today's Posts or New Posts. This shows me what is new every time I get on the forum. Also, Tony (technocracy) is very patient and will help anyone that needs it. This is a really easy forum to navigate once you get the hang of it. I want everyone to be able to use it. Private messaging and private e-mails are okay for personal questions and messages, but I get an awful lot of them that would be far better off posted on the open forum where everyone can benefit. Again, don't worry if you get it in the wrong place at this point. Get yourself familiar with how to post and once you master that, it will be a piece of cake. Harv just celebrated his 100th post this last week. There are several other members that are very active and we appreciate that. To have a successful forum, it is necessary to have participation from members. I think many have just had trouble with the navigation and we want to help you overcome that. If you have questions on forum usage, just click reply to this post and ask away! Thanks.