News from Dr. Grossman


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I asked Dr. Terry Grossman (my awesome doctor) what his plans were because he is listed on the ICMS site as working on his accreditation with them. Several members have also asked about him. This is the reply he sent:

Hi Barb,
Thank you for inquiring.
I’ve restricted my stem cell procedures to orthopedics and have performed about 40 cases this year.
The results have been gratifying as individuals with severe arthritis, many considering joint replacement, have experienced significant improvement.
I am joining ICMS in order for my center to be certified and to be able to track formally the results of my treated patients to hasten the time that this therapy will enter the mainstream.

Dr Grossman

I see Dr Grossman is using stem cell's for orthopedics,is he in the near future going to expand treatment using stem cell's for other diseases including lung's.or is he doing orthopedics only


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Dr. Grossman is a very nice doctor. I would suggest contacting him directly as the information on the Ask the Doctor is dated.