New Option for CMT Treatment


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I am very new to this, so bear with me. I have been trying to find information or a real person that has had treatment with Stem Cells for CMT a nerve condition that result in degineration of muscle mass.

I recently started working with MSC they to were unsuccessful in searching all of the data bases for someone that had treated this. After several months they have come up with this protocol. I am sharing this in the event someone comes through the forum looking for the same answer I am looking for. Comments are welcome.

The protocol they have come up with is as follows.

They want to use 2 types of cells, you are probably already familiar with them, I am researching now. Mesenchymal & Progenitor. They would give the majority through an IV but want a portion of them through a Spinal tap. Her concern being that the spinal tap assures them getting to the brain. She is talking 8 - 10 million cells (with the probability of 5% not surviving the trip). Basic cost as you know is $18,500 but with the spinal tap there would be an additional $2,000 for that type surgery. Rather than an overnight in and out trip, the spinal tap would require a minimum of 3 days on sight for a follow up visit. The final change is that she prefers to use Panama City, Panama vs Mexico for this type procedure.

Now the ball is in my park on decideing to be the very first or not.

If you have not worked with MSC, they have been like a breath of fresh air not pushing the treatment without research.