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Hi to all,

I am 58 yr old Female with Polymyositis/autoimmune muscular disease and was dx in 1996. I have gone thru many medications, Ivig, Chemo all without any relief and I am loosing so much muscle that I am now unable to walk on my own. I now am thinking about the Stem Cell transplant using cord blood. I am researching a few clinics and one is Stem Cell Biotherapy, Inc. based in San Deigo,Calif. and one would go across the border to a clinic and have the IV treatment. The more I read the more confused I am becoming. I have spoke to a few people by phone that have had the stem cell transplant at this clinic and seem to be very happy with the results. However, I almost feel as if I am talking to salesperson. I also checked the one out in Costa Rica and was not impressed with the person I spoke to at all and a HUGH red flag came up.

If there is anyone that could Please help me I would be forever thankful as this is probably the biggest decision of my life. Thank you so much for your help and I hope to get to know you all. B.J./ confused:


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I would love to hear from you!

I think you have been in contact with Pat C. who had the stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Biotherapy in Dec, 2007. she wrote me that she had told you about my husband Audie who will be having treatment there at the end of January.
Our e-mail address is
Do let me hear from you if you see this. I would love to share any info I have about the clinic. Later, Sherry for Audie


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Hope to here from you !

Hope to hear from you, Sherry and Audie very soon. It is just amazing that we will be their on the same day to get stem cell treatment. I look so forward to meeting you both. :) ;)