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In going thru the member list, I see there are different types of members. Pioneer Member, Founding Pioneer member, Member, Junior Member and Senior Member. What determines the member status?
Also, have all Founding Pioneer members had the stem cell treatment, or were they the first to use the forum?
Pioneer members have had stem cell therapy

Founding Pioneer members both have had stem cell therapy and helped get this group and forum started.
(These are individually added, not automatic)

A Junior Member is a registered member of the forum that has posted less than 30 times. Every member starts with this title.

A Member is a registered member that has posted at least 30 times but less than 100 times.

A Senior Member has posted 100 times or more.

(The forum software tracks post counts and assigns these three titles automatically)


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You too are a Pioneer

I think all members of this forum are Pioneers. Pioneer founding members are part of the original group as Technocracy stated. Not all Pioneer founding members have had stem cell therapy, but all of them are very interested in it. We still e-mail behind the scenes and have been doing this for over a year discussing new information and passing along silly jokes to each other to keep us laughing. As I mentioned in my Introduction post and also as we wrote in our book, the first and foremost Pioneer Founding member is Nassin. He is the honorary president. You are a Pioneer and if you keep up your good posting, the forum software will automatically upgrade you as Technocracy stated. I think you asked a very interesting question. Thank you.


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Good blog. I also signed the petition on the link you have on your blog. I appreciate you bringing this to the attention of our membership.