Mail Order Pharmacies -- the good, the bad, and the ugly


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Earlier in the year, I purchased a 90 day supply of a medication from Costco Mail Order PHarmacy. I was impressed by the fact that they emailed me notifications, for every step of the process, including pricing in advance, delays with the order, etc. Additionally they were quite responsive to my concerns.

In contrast, I attempted to order medications from Optimum Insight, a company owned by United Healthcare, but didn't find them too reliable. Yesterday they told me my 90 day supply of medication was going to be $60, and they refused to email me a confirmation in writing of what the charge is going to be. Today they wanted $279.78, and advised that this would be reduced by only $58 for payment from insurance. They advised that the drug was coming from Aurobindo, an Indian company, so based on my knowledge of current metrics, they probably paid around $90, for a drug that costs me $279.78 The fact that they wouldn't put their pricing in writing suggest this company is not too honest, and something is wrong with them. I told them not to ship the order, and to hold off.

So far Costco Mail Order Pharmacy appears to have pricing that is almost as cheap as the best Canadian online pharmacy. I was deeply disappointed in in Optimum Insight, and was led to believe that United Healthcare through AARP was going to end up being a big bargain. So far it hasn't worked out that way, and I am wondering what other peoples experiences are?



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I haven't had any experience with Costco or Optimum Insight. I use the mail order service for Express Scripts through my insurance Anthem. I essentially get 3 months of medication for the price of 2 with my plan. If I don't use the mail order service I do not get that extra month's worth free. The phone service they have is abominable. I have to sit through a dreary computer recording that slowly reviews and repeats everything until you practically go mad. They then call you up to once again confirm, then as they are processing and again when it is sent.
I have purchased drugs in the past from All Day Chemist in India. I found them to be reliable and the quality was excellent. Unfortunately, they do not carry Daliresp which is a medication that I like so I am stuck with Express Scripts for now.
I have never trusted AARP. I dislike their lobbying practices and I also find it a stretch to target 50 year olds as senior citizens. I guess its all about profits as evidenced in this article. There are other similar articles you can find by doing a Google search that back up what this article has to say.


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AARP United is a Fraud

I too don't like AARP, and find AARP United's Optimum Insight (mail order pharmacy) to be a big fraud. They are notorious for baiting and switching, and will tell you anything on the phone to get you to sign up, but then fail to deliver.

About the only good thing I can say about United is their online presence, and ability to get statements online.