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The FDA is the only reason that we don't see dozens of different serious
commercial efforts to treat people using early-stage stem cell therapies
within the US. One of the few groups to try is presently under pressure, as
this press release notes: "Regenerative Sciences, Inc., a Colorado medical
practice that specializes in the use of a person's own stem cells to help
patients avoid more invasive orthopedic surgery, announced today that the
US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking to enjoin the clinic
physicians from practicing medicine using patients' own stem cells. The
lawsuit will allow Regenerative Sciences to question the FDA's policy that
adult stem cells can be classified as drugs when used as part of a medical
practice. ... The FDA will finally answer our questions, in court, about
their claims and jurisdiction as opposed to doing everything in their power
to avoid the issue that we are not a drug manufacturer, but simply a
medical practice." The FDA has a long history of abuse and overreach, and
this is simply more of the same - exactly what we should expect of
bureaucrats left largely unaccountable for their actions. Progress and
discovery becomes entirely secondary to the urge to power. When everything
that is not explicitly permitted is forbidden, there is no innovation, no
progress. This age of biotechnology could be far further advanced if not
for the short-sighted fools who write and enact medical regulations.