Last in 1st out.

John Henry

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Is there a way that when one goes to a link that it would read the last comment 1st. as opposed to seeing the first comment listed? Txs, JH


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If there is more than one page to the thread, click on the last page for the most recent posts. Otherwise, I am afraid that you just need to scroll down to read the last post first.
This is one of the settings you may alter on your account....

Click on the "User CP" link on the top bar of the forum home page

On the left side of the next window click "Edit Options" in the first section of the side menu

Scroll down the options that open up on the right side to find the "Thread Display Options" Section

Change the display mode from "Linear - Oldest First" to "Linear - Newest First"

This will change it to the reverse order you prefer.