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Nepsis Institute's affiliate just got the questionnaire filled in. If any other clinics didn't make the first press release, please contact me and I will post your information here. I will also ask ICMS to give us an update as far as their rating for any clinic that needs to be added on and as soon as that is available I will post the information. This information on Nepsis (The Ramirez Clinic) is unrated by ICMS at this time.

Clinic Name
Inbicto Ortholab AKA ?The Ramirez Clinic? (Nepsis Institute affiliated)

Tijuana, Mexico near the US-USA border

Ballpark: Bone marrow harvesting, lab processing & Intathecal infusion: $16-17KUSD, stereotactic implant $23-25K.

Patients Treated
900 including cord blood by Dr Ramirez (2003-Present)

Primary Stem Cell Type used

Primary Stem Cell Type Classification
Bone Marrow multilineage progenitors, mesenchymals, etc.

Stem Cell Source:
Bone Marrow

Conditions Treated
Neurodegenerative (ALS, MS, Alzheimer?s, Parkinson?s ), cerebral palsy, TBI, osteoarthritis, spinal cord injury, kidney failure, bronchiectasis, Emphysema, some cardiovascular, bilateral total hearing loss (Hair cell related), degenerative disc disease, many ocular (eye) diseases, some GI and genitourinary tract


In 2008, Nepsis Institute licensed leading edge US developed, patent pending technology and lab methods to professional medical clinics starting with Inbicto Ortholab in Tijuana (Fernando Ramirez, MD, Medical Director ? link to Dr Ramirez?s background http://www.nepsisinstitute.com/physicians.php ). Stem cells and precursor cells are primed to become whatever cell types are needed to affect repair of particular organs or tissues in patients. The treatment cells possess biological markers which correspond to the target organ or tissue, and migrate to the site of injury rather than diffusing around the body. This lab programming technique is among the safest ways to modify cells in existence, as it ties into natural pathways that govern cell form, function and post-infusion migration & activity. This particular body of science both precedes and is superior to similar approaches offered by high profile institutions such as Scripps, Kyoto University (Japan), Harvard and many others. For more on this read: Stem Cell Medicine Jumps to Warp Speed
Had uc treatment April 5, 2007
Had autologous treatment Sept. 8, 2008
Had autologous treatment Nov. 24, 2008
Had autologous treatment Feb. 20, 2009