Grateful for stem cell answers


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i have been reading thru the threads--since last nite----and am in desperate need of answers about stem cells/ and what my options are---in the situation my family is facing.
any answers would be beyond appreciated

my mom is in deep end stage copd----we were going to go to mexico---before the "traumas" that we've had to go thru this summer---kind of threw us off track
what my plan is now---is to get on the nebulizer stem cell plan----i hear that there is a program in tulsa or something---
i need answers-----also info ----about how good it works----and if it gets paid for by insurance----about how to go about getting on the program
anyways...this is a troubling time---where things are changing everyday---i am ready to meet whatever challenges that this may bring
thankyou for running this site~!!


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This site will help you! Maybe stem-cell videos will help answer your questions. Not to be outdone by the opposition, Citigroup is blasting out charge card offers by postal mail in the third quarter, according to the Wall Street Journal.


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OKCbob - Stem cell therapy is not a magic bullet. I am not sure what you mean by deep end stage COPD. Is she bedridden? In hospice?

Some clinics offer the nebulization of stem cells with their treatments. Nebulizing is usually in addition to an IV infusion, not a stand alone therapy. I don't think that any insurance company would cover therapy as it is considered experimental.

Has your mom tried nebulizing glutathione? This can be very helpful for patients. Some doctors will prescribe it from a compounding pharmacy. Others won't. You can also buy a buffered version without a prescription that could be helpful. One of our members turned us on to it.

We don't endorse any doctor or clinic on this forum. Some patients with COPD derive excellent quality of life improvements from treatment, others not so much. You might want to read through the Ask the Doctor section if you haven't as there are usually questions asked of the hosts about COPD.

I certainly empathize with you and wish that there was an answer to your question about how good it works, but there is simply no way to guarantee how your mom would respond to stem cell treatment. If you have the funds and the trip would not be a great hardship on her, personally, I would go for it, but this is a decision only you and she can make.