Affordable Care Act Bring Big Trouble


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The Affordable Care Act needs to be repealed in its entirety. There are too many problems with it to mention them all here, but here are some of the things I have found:

1) Raises premiums by 65% with no appreciable benefit.
2) State will lien your heirs, and take your house, if you don't make at least 135% of the federal poverty rate.
3) Elimination of market competition because the exchanges won't let you sell coverage unless you have a provider network in every county that you wish to sell insurance.
4) US HHS and the IRS, have openly stated they will not enforce the non-discrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act. (There are citations on the net about this).

Congressman McDermott has introduced legislation, that would allow the states to opt out of the Affordable Care ACt, and use their federal money to create their own single payer plan. This is a good bill, but the states definitely don't need money to move forward with their own reform. In spite of the financial status, I am still recommending people contact their congressman, and ask them to endorse Jim McDermott's bill. We need to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and the exchanges that were created.

If you lived in Taiwan, your premiums would average around $1300/year, and you would usually pay around 60% of this, and the government would pick up the rest. Additionally you would have access to many treatments that the US medical community has never heard about. To get an idea of what you are missing, take a look at the data in the following URL There is no Medicaid, no Medicare, no politics, no collection agencies, no bills, much lower taxes than the US, and a truly responsive system.



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I heard tonight that the changes in Medicare are going to be fairly drastic and not for the good. Reality should hit us all in the fall. As for private insurance, I think most who have it are already feeling the pinch. My premiums have skyrocketed and the coverage is worse than ever.

Do you think the current dissatisfaction with the IRS may slow down the implementation of ObamaCare? I think most people are very skeptical that this agency can handle the job.

Personally, I would have preferred that the government just gave everyone 1 million dollars to hold in a health savings account instead of forcing a program down our throats that the majority don't want. If there are about 313 million people in this country, it would have been far more "affordable" to hand out a million to each person instead of spending a couple of trillion on a program that many think will leave us with questionable health care. I know that is all just whimsical thinking, but the ACA is anything but affordable and I think it will come back to bite us in the end.