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I want to thank one of our members for bringing this blog to my attention. At first I didn't want to post it and give this man any credibility, but then I decided to go ahead so that you may all comment on his blog if you like. Anney's death hit home really hard today for me. How would this man explain to her family how much better it will be for the FDA to declare our own stem cells as drugs so that years and years of clinical trials can be conducted in order to assure their safety? Did Anney benefit from not being able to get treatment easily? Does anyone else? How would he explain the thousands of deaths each year attributed to "safe" drugs that the FDA has approved? Safe treatment by U.S. doctors is what this forum advocates and always will. As you know, I threw Casey Nabavi's company off of this forum for a safety issue. I am not about to lead the charge on this forum for any kind of treatment that isn't safe. I do not believe the issue at hand is safety however. I think I smell a great huge rat among all the big talk of safety by this man and the FDA. The rat needs to stay in the lab where it belongs getting tested for real pharmaceuticals, not our own cells. Click on the link below and make sure to read all of the comments and leave your own as well. This man deserves no mercy for his unfounded, derogatory remarks. He probably cries when he stubs his toe.



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Dr. Payne comments

From Dr. Payne -

I skimmed this piece and cut & pasted what appear to be this writer's 3 main objections to use of adult stem cells for therapeutic intervention (My comments follow):


"But this decreased risk using the adult stem cell does not necessarily indicate that adult stem cell therapy is safe, free of dangers. Even if the adult stem cells are harvested from one?s own body, serious problems and dangers can present if those cells are not handled safely, appropriately controlled or have undergone any chemical or genetic manipulated while in culture."

Dr. Payne

This is absolutely on target and something that 'yours truly' and many others involved in the adult stem cell field strongly advocate. There are undoubtedly some private commercial stem cells operations that operate labs that do not conform to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards or which use independent labs that may not conform to these. However, many more appear to operate or use labs that do. In light of this, I have argued and still do that patients should do their "due diligence" when it comes to gaining assurances (certification) that the stem cell clinic, hospital or research center whose services they are considering utilizing has or uses a lab that conforms to GMP standards and has suitably trained scientists and technicians.


"In vitro (i.e. in culture) manipulation of adult stem cells can lead to dangerous and unpredictable changes within the adult stem cell or lead to a contamination that could cause great harm to a patient, even death. Adult stem cell therapies should be regulated with GMP standards. Scientific technicians should be certified and trained to do this work. Well, at least that is what I would demand."

Dr. Payne

See above. No argument here.


"The other danger with using any stem cell treatment (that being adult or embryonic) is what I call ?positional effects?. That is, where the stem cell is placed back in the body of the patient could negatively impact safety of the patient. Try shooting a syringe full of adult stem cell osteoblasts inside a human brain and let?s see how safe that will be. Not on me you won't."

Dr. Payne:

The adult stem cells being utilized in most clinics and hospitals I have surveyed (worldwide) are typically cord blood (allogenic) or bone marrow (autologous) derived. The applications and delivery methods vary widely, as do the cell types utilized, e.g., cord CD34+AC133, cord mesenchymal, bone marrow mesenchymal, bone multilineage adult progenitor cells, etc., so it is difficult to rule out the possibility that some patients have had progenitor or stem cells that might be naturally primed to become one kind of cell ending up in a organ or tissue where such cells really do not belong. This said, there have been tens of thousands of adult stem cell procedures done worldwide including infusion of cord and marrow derived progenitor and stem cells into the central nervous system of people with all kinds of neurologic diseases, injuries and conditions, and the simple fact is that post-treatment horror stories have not poured in -- either in the popular press nor in medical journals. Yes, stories concerning (typically) mild HvG (Host versus Graft) and infections related to treatments have popped up now and then down through the years. In addition and most recently, there was the widely publicized case of a child who developed slow growing tumors after receiving a transplant of fetal cells into his brain. But are reports literally pouring in of people treated years back with various kinds of adult stem cells winding up with serious complications or conditions spawned by their progenitor or stem cell treatment? In a word, no. Given this, I see no ethical dilemma or scientific compromise in legitimate, appropriately licensed and staffed private stem cell clinics, hospitals or research centers treating people with intractable or incurable conditions with condition or disease-specific adult stem cells or for people so afflicted seeking out such care from said clinics, hospitals or research centers. Nota bene: I cover many of the issues and questions that patients should be asking of these private stem cell treatment operations in this article: "For Those Considering Doing Stem Cell Therapy Abroad" - http://www.healingcare4u.org/stem-cell-therapy-abroad.html

Barbara: This is why ASCTA efforts focus on SAFE stem cell treatment.

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Anthony G. Payne, Ph.D.

Biological Theoretician, Senior Science Writer & Interim Director of Clinical Research

Weller Health Institute & Laboratory

3103 South El Camino Real

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Also: Patient Educator-Liaison for Nepsis Institute (Mexico)

Coauthor of Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy and Health Benefits of K2

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This article shows some of the problems that exist with big pharma and research and clinical trials. While the nasty blogger supports the FDA to the point of extreme, this article tells how things can become a bit skewed. One problem with many clinicals is that they do tend to exclude the sickest. We don't need lengthy clinical trials and big pharma involved in therapy with our own stem cells and when I read an article like this, it simply reinforces that in my mind. The FDA is an agency that is long overdo for the CHANGE that is the current chant in the U.S. Let's not leave them out by any means. We do not need to give up safety, just conflicts of interest, corruption, bias, etc., etc.