A most inaccurate letter and my response


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I just couldn't let this one go unanswered. I have no idea if they will publish my letter to the editor, but there is too much ignorance surrounding stem cells in this country. I am tired of the old Bush battle to tell you the truth. He didn't do esc research any good, but let's move on. We need a network of physicians all over the U.S. who can provide those that need stem cell therapy safe treatment. The public, media and politicians for the most part seem to be totally unaware of our plight.


My response:
Dear Editor - I had to respond to the letter that you published on line. It is so inaccurate that I would like to set the record straight.
Both the Bush and Clinton guidelines agreed that the federal government should not fund hESC research that directly destroys embryos. Neither Congress nor any administration has ever prohibited private funding of embryonic research.
In 2001, President Bush announced that federal funding would be given for embryonic stem cell lines already in existence. I don't believe Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity had any say in the matter. No new lines were included. President Obama's funding includes new embryonic stem cell lines, but does not include the old lines. Many researchers have a lot of time and funding tied up in the old lines and Obama's decision to not continue to fund the old lines has dealt them quite a blow.
While I am delighted that Jair is doing well, the fact remains that stem cell therapy in this country is not a reality for most, no matter what type of stem cells one is talking about. Autologous adult stem cell therapy is far safer than embryonic stem cell treatment at this point as it uses a person's own stem cells. The FDA continues to be a roadblock to allowing a network of physicians in this country to be able to administer safe stem cell therapy. There is a grassroots effort at www.cellmedicinesociety.org that has set up safe guidelines and a patient registry. Millions of people are dying in the U.S. from chronic and terminal diseases. Stem cell therapy should be an option for treatment for these people. I am one of them. Many of us that can are forced to go to offshore clinics because of the lack of treatment availability in this country. President Obama has yet to do anything about this. When I see a letter such as the one I am writing about, it makes me realize how many people do not understand stem cells and the policies surrounding their use.