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A major (and growing) medical resource and care provider can help you find the best, most experienced and affordable medical procedures and medical facilities around the globe. It?s called PlacidWay, a multidimensional medical care portal that doesn?t just offer brief, generic explanations of medical techniques and procedures.

PlacidWay is a leading provider for medical services around the globe, offering worldwide reach in over 27 countries with medical partners trained and experienced in fields ranging from fertility to chronic disease processes.

PlacidWay provides access to care in multiple medical fields, including:

Alternative medicine
Cancer care
Chronic disease treatments
Cardiac care
Cosmetic and Plastic/Reconstructive surgery
Obesity and Bariatric surgery
Orthopedic care, including spinal surgeries
Stem cell therapies

The PlacidWay website is dedicated to offering viable information to medical tourists and healthcare travelers, including free price quotes, no hard sells and no obligations for information on:

Center details
Treatments and Pricing
Travel Package Information

Research the healthcare features of accredited and certified surgeons, clinics, hospitals and outpatient centers located in exotic and beautiful locations ranging from Istanbul, Turkey to beautiful Rio de Janiero, Brazil to the plains of South Africa. Find medical procedures, wellness programs and packages and transparent pricing for medical treatments in more than 27 countries around the world. Medical tourism is an increasingly popular option these days, especially among baby boomers and those fed up with rising insurance costs and regulations in the U.S.

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