X-Cell's Kleinbloesem rises again


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Good old Dr. Kleinbloesem. His treatments were so fabulous and safe that he must carry on. This time it is in Lebanon. This may be disappointing to those who wanted to get treatment from him in the past because Germany was safe and offered better sightseeing. (Never mind the safety or efficacy of the treatment). That's not to say that Lebanon doesn't have some nice sightseeing. I am sure they do. This letter is so uplifting. The promise of his great treatment once again being made available with the added bonus of going to a country well known for its hospitality and tourist friendly atmosphere is so exciting. I can hardly contain myself. Oh wait - There is a pesky travel advisory for U.S. citizens that has been issued by the State Department. Dang it anyway. I was so looking forward to being in that 85% that Dr. Kleinbloesem has practically cured and seeing the sights. He might try using some of that money he earned giving thousands of treatments at X-Cell to hire someone who can translate his letter into better English. This translation is not very good to say the least - kind of like his treatments.

Dear Patient

It has been a long time ago that you heard from us since you were at the XCell-Center in Germany for your therapy with stem cells. We, my wife Margriet and me, had personally a very bad time after our dismissal as the CEO and director of XCell-Center in April this year. Our work which has all our spirit and was our life was ruined by false accusations and allegations. It is a bitter experience with somebody you think you know well since 20 years.
Anyway, to speak with Steve Jobs after his dismissal at Apple in 1985 and starting his next company: ‘it is not the company I love, but the work’. We are also passionate for the adult stem cell therapy and we love this work to be able to help many patients around the globe, who are desperate for this breakthrough treatment. At the same time we realize that there is a lot of resistance from the medical community towards stem cell therapy for pure economical reasons. Their lobby is very strong, making it almost impossible to provide stem cell therapy in US and Europe.
This however has not withheld us to look for alternatives around the globe. Today we are proud to announce that we have established a stem cell treatment center in Lebanon, close to Beirut. Mr. Kamal and Nadim Atweh, two very knowledgeable health care professionals are leading the team in Lebanon. We work together with medical specialists, including neuro-surgeons, neurologists, radiologists, internists, orthopedic surgeons, pediatricians and anesthetists, depending on what is required in your personal situation. The samples are processed in our partner laboratory in the UK, in London, which is fully GMP licensed and works under the HTA (Human Tissue Act). So we offer these therapies with German quality standards and our proven methodology as you know from us. The team is completed with Dr. Mustapha Bennay and Juango Olivar in Germany and Rishabh Mehta in India to organize the treatments, to facilitate the communication and to ensure that the therapy is done in the best possible way.
In the mean time we were able also to provide stem cell therapy not only from bone marrow derived stem cells, but also from adipose tissue, thereby expanding the possibilities. Also anti aging and storage of cells for future use is now available from us in many countries.
If you would have any questions, or wish to get information about the new treatment possibilities in Lebanon, we and our team are always ready to answer your questions. We would be also very thankful for any recommendations to other patients.
Hopefully we would have the possibility to stay in touch in the next future.
With kindest regards
Dr. C. Kleinbloesem CEO
M. Kleinbloesem- van der Kolk Director Customer Care