Why we need ASCTA and what you must do


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I recently posted this on my son's forum www.arboristsite.com I am posting it here to give you an easy explanation of the situation we are facing because of the FDA. Please when you go to the ASCTA site, join, sign the petition and send your comments to the FDA. Perhaps this post will give you some ideas on what to say if you need them. And most of all pass this on so that others will join, sign the petition and send their comments to the FDA. If we repeat this over and over, we will get the snowball effect we need. Thanks!

I am Darin's mom and I have a favor to ask of all the members and guests on Arboristsite. I have a terminal lung disease. I am an avid believer in stem cell therapy. I also am the co-founder of www.stemcellpioneers.com which Darin gave to me and the other founder after I had stem cell therapy in 2007. It has grown to be the largest patient moderated forum for stem cell discussion and support for those seeking treatment and those that have already received it. Unfortunately, many of our members are too ill or do not have the money to travel outside the U.S. to get treatment. Why do they need to do this? Because the treatment to save or improve their lives is illegal for most applications here in the U.S. There are some excellent doctors that have started a grassroots effort to get the FDA to legalize adult stem cell treatments here in the U.S. Adult stem cells are cells from our own body. They are very safe. There is no moral or ethical issues. They are safer than taking an aspirin and yet the FDA has classified our own stem cells as drugs. This means that prolonged investigations, including lengthy clinical trials will be required for each and every disease and application that adult stem cells could be used for. This could take years and years. It smells of big pharma to me and to many others. In the meantime, this means a death sentence to many Americans. We have parents of infants and people in their 80's on the Pioneer forum. Disease is not restricted to age, race or nationality. I have had treatment with my own cells as I was able to travel outside the U.S. and to pay for it and I can tell you it has saved my life. The progression of my disease has stopped and I am feeling better and better. I cannot leave others behind in my good fortune, however. This treatment must be legalized quickly. The FDA cannot and should not be allowed to classify our own stem cells as drugs. ASCTA advocates for safe treatment by American doctors. We need to have tens of thousands join this effort in order to make it effective. With 53.2 million hits last month on Arboristsite, I cannot think of a better place to get exposure and help. Please click on the link below and join ASCTA (it's free) and sign the petition too while you're at it. If you can send a message to the FDA all the better. You never know when you or a loved one may need stem cell treatment. I appreciate your effort greatly and I thank Darin for letting me post this.


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