Which Type Stem Cell is Best?


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Dear Forum,

Does anyone know of a good source of information on which stem cell type is best for different conditions and applications?

There are so many choices out there: Personal fat cells, blood cells, bone marrow, cord blood, placenta, fetal fluid, fetal, animal fetal, etc. Each clinic seems to present their specialty as the best choice, and each says theirs are absolutely safe!

Is there an independent source of information?

Thank you!


The three most prominent stem cell treatments being used today is umbilical cord, bone marrow, and fat. Out of the three, the one that stands out the most is bone marrow. It is autologous, and has been used for joints and neurological conditions with positive outcomes. The bone marrow is extracted from the hip bone, and then the bone marrow is centrifuged to separate the stem cells. At this point, you can use the treatment for certain conditions legally in the US. However, once the clinic cultures the bone marrow stem cells to multiply, then it becomes a drug according to the FDA. Although, this seems to be the very best option for regenerating tissue, you have to go overseas for this type of treatment. In fact, you have to go overseas for most of the treatments. I think some doctors will advocate more for one than the other, but they cannot unequivocally say that one is better than the other conclusively. We are still in the infancy of these treatments.

I personally treated my son with donated UCB stem cells, because bone marrow extraction for a three year old was to invasive. Now, I would use either one, donated UCB or Bone Marrow. It is mostly about the reputation and good practice of the doctor you consider. I suggest you do plenty of research then research some more again. You’ve taken the first right step by joining this forum.


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Mike - I had 3 treatments using peripheral blood that essentially ended up doing ZERO for me. Prior to that I had umbilical cord, placenta, adipose, and marrow.

I had a 4th treatment using peripheral blood from Dr. Feinerman last February that has been the best treatment I've ever had. His process is totally different from what I had before. My disease is nothing like yours however. I simply don't believe that one size fits all. Some patients seem to get good improvements, others don't and that is one thing that I believe baffles researchers.

It's difficult to just say this one or that one is the best. Check for any scientific studies that have been done for your condition. LLL6521 gives good advice - a lot has to do with the doctor and reputation of the clinic and the more research you do the better. Don't jump into anything.


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Stem Cells

Thanks LLL and Barbara!

Do you know anything about ProgenCell? They use bone marrow and fat cells.

Dear Mike,
I have some prices for you to review and below what we do.
The lumbar will be done with bone marrow stem cells it is the safest. No matter what treatment of stem cells best results is the package of 3 treatments.

Promotional Prices:

1 full stem cell treatment $7660


Package treatments: 3 full stem cell treatments $11,400

Special injections $ 1,055

What we do:We do an Adult bone marrow, and Adipose tissue (fat) autologous stem cell treatment and therapy. Cells are extracted from the hip or a big bone of the body, or from the patients abdomen, there should not be any pain under local anesthesia and the Dr.s are very good at doing this as they are orthopedic surgeons. The Adipose tissue will be harvested from a fatty area, like the abdomen. We, have a process that creates results. Our special process will be able to harvest over a billion stem cells.

Stem Cell transplant/infusion of the cells, will slow down any progression or even stop the progression for most degenerative diseases.

With Stem Cells treatment is possible to regenerate tissues as organs, systems, skin and bone, ligaments, muscles, and cartilages; working with our Dr.s we would offer an option for you. Autoimmune and Chronic Degenerative conditions are treatable with Mesenchymal Stem Cells, these cells have certain characteristics:

Compatibility (they body will recognize your own stem cells as a part of the body and will avoid rejection, when liver and other organs transplant Mesenchymal stem cells are used to avoid organ rejection)

Autoimmune conditions the cells will regulate the immune system to stop the natural killer cells that has been killing the body.

Regenerations (Mesenchymal stem cells are Pluripotential cells, they will stick to the damage organ or tissue and will become part of that organ and will multiply and regenerate. Stem Cells will use their “homing” capability to “travel” to damaged tissue, there they will repair it and rebuild it. The primitive stem cells have the capability to multiply them selves and to differentiate into many other kind of mature cells therefore when they are infused into a body they will help to increase the effectiveness of an organ (heart, liver, lung or kidney insufficiency) or “reprogram” the immune system (improve conditions like lupus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis). They have also shown benefits on autism, MS, and other neurological conditions as well as for ophthalmic conditions.

All of this is a healing process combined with your own immune system. The cells will "travel" to areas and organs of damage tissue and replace old damaged cells. Since we use self patient stem cells (autologous)… there is no risk of rejection or complications. We have state of the art equipment and can get Millions 10^10 quality and vitality of the cells. We limit ourselves to infuse fresh samples, with very little manipulation therefore with high cell count and high viability (more than 98%). In some cases we do a cell concentration eliminating red cells and plasma, obtaining in a lower volume same amount of stem cells to be infused in tissues where bigger volume is a problem. Bone marrow is rich on CD34 hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), Mesenchymal Stromal cells (MSCs), which is often referred to as, Mesenchymal stem cells, and endothelial progenitor cells and other growth factors that makes this procedure very potent.

When we infuse or inject them back into the body, and at your eye’s,we let the best lab of the world (your own body) to do the proliferation and differentiation. With high concentration of stem cells for long periods of time, they will go and regenerate tissue and replace damaged cells. Regenerations (Mesenchymal stem cells are Pluripotential cells, they will stick to the damage organ or tissue and will become part of that organ and will multiply and regenerate.

Fly to San Diego:

You fly into San Diego International airport, we will pick you up at the airport door and take you to your hotel. Or, you will take the air port shuttle to your hotel... Then the next morning we will pick you up at your hotel and take you (across the border to our brand new clinic and don't worry you are safe with us. Our clinic is the 1st stop light across the border. When your treatment is completed are done with the Dr.’s , our service will take you back across thru the medical line (for faster border crossing) back to your hotel. Bring your passport or original birth certificate plus a photo ID.

More About Progencell

Progencell is a leading stem cell research and treatment center located in Tijuana, Mexico. We, are fully licensed by the FDA of Mexico, for our stem cell treatments. Their values include effective and safe treatment, honesty, professionalism, and patient-centered care. Progencell's mission is to provide high quality stem cell treatments focusing on regenerating damaged or destroyed tissues caused by a number of illnesses or disease processes. The state-of-the-art facility at Progencell is a leader in the innovation of adult stem cell therapies and applications that improve quality of life for their patients.

Progencell offers a variety of stem cell therapies with substantial and effective results as well as improvements in conditions, disease processes and overall health of the patient. Progencell specializes in adult or autologous stem cell therapy, using the patient's own stem cells for treatment. Your body has an innate intelligence and knows how to heal itself with the right tools.

Progencell has developed therapies for a large number of disease processes including diabetes, Heart, arthritis, autism, cerebell palsy, neurological problems, lung, liver, and Kidney, diseases auto immune, as well as Improvement in symptoms for Alzheimer’s disease.

For Neurological problems, we believe that a lumbar injection will get the cells from the spinal fluid to the brain in a higher number and concentration and will be able to repair more. The closer it can get is to the encephalitic membrane. This membrane is being washed continually by spinal fluid that goes down the spine to the lumbar area and back up crossing the brain barrier and also cells will be moving by the natural flow of the blood and the spinal fluid and will engraft wherever they find a damaged tissue. Therefore some of the cells will be "distracted" on other tissues.... The Dr’s put the cells direct into this spinal fluid for best results, and believes that a lumbar injection will get the cells from the spinal fluid to the brain in a higher number and concentration and will be able to repair more.

Doctors at Progencell is also IBMS-affiliated, center of healthcare excellence and strives to ensure that only the best in quality and professional standards of patient care are delivered two patients seeking their services.

As mentioned by Dr. Jorge Gaviño Contreras, President of the Scientific Committee at Progencell. " We offer a multidisciplinary medical staffed specialists in the fields of internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, and ophthalmologist, just to name a few. We work in conjunction with other health institutions to provide the best in improving care and conditions for our patients."

Preparation for treatment:

Upon your arrival at Progencell, you will be greeted and attended to by our qualified personnel. You will be evaluated by a doctor who will answer any questions you may have, review your medical record, as well as any recent lab work performed in the last weeks. You will do the paper work and Payment. Soon after, you will be taken into an exam room for a complete check up and to record your vital signs. You will be guided to a dressing room to change into a sterile gown (your personal effects are secured).

You will be conscious throughout the entire procedure, and you will be able to observe all sterile new materials being used.

The doctor will disinfect the area for bone marrow extraction and anesthetize the area with a small injection. Once the area has been anesthetized the bone marrow extraction begins. During the extraction you will NOT feel pain, some patients feel a discomfort described as vacuum / electric / chills maybe experienced for 30-45 seconds. The extraction generally takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Once complete, the doctor will start preparing / concentrating the bone marrow by activating the stem cells in a closed system (avoiding any contamination). The serum canalization will be replaced with the bone marrow infusion; this process takes 15 to 20 minutes. The doctor will take about 120 cc of bone marrow in order to make a target cell count in the laboratory and, if needed, will take another small amount to do one or several injections in other parts of the body depending on the expected tissues to be regenerated. Special injections of stem cells are intended to have direct placement close to related tissues to maximize tissue recovery. Examples of injections are lumbar injection or eye injection, among others. You will not feel any pain throughout the entire procedure. You will only feel manipulation of your tissue in the area being treated.

After the transfusion, you will be taken to a patient recovery area where you will be constantly monitored. Some easily digestible foods and liquids will be provided. Usually, you will be able to go home a few hours after the procedure takes place with a couple of band-aids. During the following 3 to 5 days, you will feel a little bruised in the area of stem cell extraction.

Expected outcome:

The purpose of the therapy is to Repair damaged tissue and damaged cells. The treatment stops the progression of deterioration, and takes you into remission. Patients have reported more energy, chronic fatigue tends to diminish, stronger muscles, regained balance, lungs, heart, liver and kidney get stronger, speech, writing and reading also improved on neurological cases. In addition, other consequential benefits are common, like better eating and better sleeping leading to more physical activity, better mood, and tends to disappear depression symptoms and other social difficulties.

Reports of some people with ROP, or Macular degeneration, have been blind have reported being able to drive and read, and have their life back.

They mention the limitations of the therapy:

There are 2 big limitations to cell therapy.

If stem cell production in the bone marrow is low, then the amount of cells harvested is limited causing a poor transfusion with a low number of cells. Even though cells have the chemical capacity to detect damaged tissue, there might be a physical obstruction (like a blocked artery) that will not allow these stem cells to "travel" to damaged areas. If the cause of the obstruction is not eradicated, there will be poor, slow, or no tissue regeneration.

The second obstacle is related to lack of medical knowledge in regards to cancer. Adding progenitor cells could have a possible negative effect in the body through an acceleration of tumor growth. Therefore, cell therapy for cancer conditions, nowadays, requires greater knowledge and studies. At this time our therapy is limited to diseases other than cancer.

Quality of stem cells is extremely important. Older patients have less capability for stem cell production in the bone marrow than younger patients. Patients older than 74 years have less probability of producing a high level of stem cells.

I am thinking that my cells are probably weak. I am wondering if animal fetal cells might be a good way to go?

Thanks a lot!

Blessings to you,


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I guess I'm not real clear about what they are recommending. Is it one treatment or 3 for you? If you feel your marrow won't produce enough stem cells, what did they say about adipose for your condition? What are special injections? Is there some reason you would be having a lumbar puncture for kidney disease or is this just a form type reply that covers all conditions?

I think some of the problem lies in that the translation to English is not the best. I don't understand some of what is written. This for instance, "When we infuse or inject them back into the body, and at your eye’s,we let the best lab of the world (your own body) to do the proliferation and differentiation. With high concentration of stem cells for long periods of time, they will go and regenerate tissue and replace damaged cells. Regenerations (Mesenchymal stem cells are Pluripotential cells, they will stick to the damage organ or tissue and will become part of that organ and will multiply and regenerate." What type of infusion are they recommending for you?

It's a start. I would contact several other companies and compare. There is no mention of the facility where the therapy takes place. Also, I seriously doubt the part about the Mexican "FDA" fully licensing them. At the end of the day, what was sent to you doesn't explain much.

I would never consider animal cells personally.


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Dr. Feinerman

Dear Barbara,
I have been trying to contact Dr. Feinerman's clinic, but no reply so far.
Is he expensive?
His kidney treatment uses cord blood. Sounds good!


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Mike - I have no idea what he would charge for a treatment like yours. He was in Brazil for a couple of weeks. He was a keynote speaker at a large conference there, but he is back now. You might want to contact him again if you don't hear back shortly. He is very accessible if he is in town. I believe he is going to Peru soon however, which he also does frequently.

I have COPD, not anything like what you have, so it is important to keep that in mind. I didn't have umbilical cord treatment. As I mentioned earlier, when doing research, it is important to understand that one size does not fit all. I would make sure whatever treatment you decide on is specifically designed to fit your condition. Just getting an injection of stem cells is not the way to go. Get the details of the protocol and find out how that will help your condition.