Using Your Own Stem Cells to Avoid Hip Surgery


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I had severe bursitis in my hip and moderate arthritis in my hands.

The bursitis runs in the family, and it started when I was still in high school.

Around 2005 it was so severe that I couldn't walk two blocks without sitting down to rest and I couldn't drive a car without putting a 'blue ice' pack behind my hip to numb the pain from the pressure on the gas pedal. I lived on SAMe and Ibuprofen, rubbed Arnica and Blue Emu on it constantly. I thought I was going to be a candidate for hip replacement. I didn't like that at all, I try to avoid invasive treatments if possible. So I asked around all the alternative sources I could find.

I get my vitamins at Life Extension Foundation, and they are huge sellers and promoters of dietary supplements. They also have doctors that you can e-mail. The docs functions are limited to general advice, as they can't give specifics without seeing you.

I expected to get a list of supplements and perhaps something I had overlooked. Instead I got dietary advice.

Now if I can cure the problem with a change in diet, that sounds good to me. Fixing the problem is better than repairing so of course I decided to give it a try.

The results were quick and within a few months I was much better, and a few months later I would guess 90% better and no longer thinking about surgery.

Here's the response from LEF:

For both arthritis and bursitis, treatment is similar:

Try the dietary approach first, and if that doesn't work, take stronger action.

Foods that may contribute to chronic inflammation are foods with a high glycemic index (foods that convert to sugar quickly), such as fruit juices, sugars, simple starches, or rice cakes, foods heavy in polyunsaturated or saturated fats, and foods high in arachidonic acid. Some specific foods to avoid are:

* Fatty cuts of red meat (high in saturated fats)
* Organ meats: liver, kidney, and so forth (very high in arachidonic acid)
* Egg yolks (high in arachidonic acid) [my addition: fowl is even higher in AA than egg yolks]
* Pasta (high glycemic index)
* Juices (high glycemic index)
* Rice, especially rice cakes (high glycemic index)
* White bread (substitute whole grain breads such as rye or whole wheat)
* Nightshade Plants bother many people (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, paprika)

Glycemic index charts can be found on the Internet.

Better choices are foods with a low glycemic index and foods that are heavy in monounsaturated fats. Some specific good foods are:

* Salmon and other fish
* Oatmeal
* Fresh fruits and vegetables
* Olives and olive oil
* Peanuts and other nuts
* Whey proteins

* Nettle Leaf
* S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) 400-1200mg/day
* Nexrutine
* 5-Loxin
Boswellic acid (5-Loxin) is the active component of the
Boswellia serrata tree native to India
* Ginger
* Glucosamine Suflate
* Chondroitin Sulfate
* Willow Bark
* Omega-3-Oils (Omega-3-Fatty Acids) Fish Oil
* Antioxidants
* Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA)
* Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 2,000-3,000mg/d

Ice it, support it.

When a joint threatens to deteriorate completely, orthopaedic surgeons can repair or replace it. However, replacement parts wear away or loosen over time and often need an additional operation (sometimes more). A novel method of treating degenerative cartilage diseases has been developed by an orthopaedic surgeon in Miami , FL , as a possible alternative to invasive procedures such as joint replacement.

The innovative procedure developed and patented by Dr. Allan Dunn involves the injection of human growth hormone directly into the affected joint spaces of the arthritic patient that, in turn, stimulates the growth of cartilage. The cartilage regrowth causes increased space between the ends of the bones, often up to 4 mL in volume, enough to ease pain and stiffness in the affected joint. Growth hormone also increases the production of collagen, the strong fibrous connective tissue that attaches cartilage to bone and provides a framework for the gelatinous matrix, the resilient part of cartilage.

IntraArticular Growth Hormone (IAGH) gives the body the cues it needs to set the cartilage growth process in motion. Stimulation of cartilage regeneration with growth hormone reproduces the same environment in which joint tissues grow during childhood. The IAGH procedure has been successfully used on hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, and elbows. (Dr. Allan Dunn may be reached at (888) 848-6534.)

I went with the diet continued the supplements I was already taking but dropped the NSAIDs. For about 3 years I continued at that 90% improved rate. Something that was not difficult to deal with, no more ice packs, no more NASIDs, manageable discomfort.

Then I discovered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. After a few sessions in an PEMFT clinic, I bought a home unit that emits the required low frequency, north polarity, square wave pulsed magnetic field. Now I'm not only 100% pain free, so is my wife, and we dropped all the supplements except for the Glucosamine and we are very low dose on that. We continue because it's supposed to re-build cartilage.

I can even eat a few of the trigger foods every once in a while without having a relapse. It's close to a miracle cure. So my diet is limited, but I have full use of my hands and hips, it's worth the trade.



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Glad you found something that works for you!

Diet can improve many medical problems, but it won't do what stem cells can do for my back and knees. I've been eatiing Low Carb/"Real Food" since the late 1990s. My 90-something aunt went LC and is no longer diabetic, off insulin, etc.

My understanding is that HGH is still highly controversial.

This PEMF stuff looks dubious, too. My stem cell doc said he did experiments with it and it had no impact at all.
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Bob - Thank you for your very intensive summary of what you have done to help yourself through a lot of pain. I am very intrigued by Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. Which home unit did you purchase? I have a few pieces of equipment that are definitely not mainstream, but I find them very beneficial as well. It's really nice to have your input about PEMFT and how much it has benefited you and your wife. I use a VIBE machine several times a week, an ultrasound on occasion and I do 10 minutes of exercise everyday on my VibraSlim machine. Now, you have me wanting to get a machine like you have for my husband who has aches and pains from climbing on roofs for decades. He also sleeps poorly.

Here's an article in case some readers of this thread aren't familiar with what Bob is talking about.

Claire - I don't know about HGH for orthopedic purposes, but I will say that when I injected it for about 4 weeks several years ago after having stem cell treatment, I was very pleased with the results. I know another COPD patient who was in a clinical trial using HGH to treat COPD, but he said he felt no difference. Perhaps, it's an individual reaction, just like stem cell therapy and other treatments can be.


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I did a lot of research before I bought one.

I used two different machines. I started with an iMRS because it had a low frequency square wave (which is what NASA uses for the astronauts) on the probe and the pad (but not the mat). It was very expensive and it had good results. The problem was it broke down a lot and to get them to give me the warranty service, I had to reverse the charges on the credit card. It broke 4 times in the first year and to get them to fix it the first and the fourth time was like pulling teeth.

I ended up with the EarthPulse. It was much less expensive than the iMRS, and it has a stronger square wave at 10Hz which is the same frequency as NASA uses.

The EarthPulse is advertised as a sleep enhancer to get around FDA double blind tests and expense. It does have a mode called "recover", and this is the 10Hz, north polarity, square wave magnetic field. I have no idea whether it helps anybody sleep or not, neither one of us has any trouble with that.

The way I understand it is that the calcium that your body replaces daily is mostly flushed out of your system in your urine. However some of it gets trapped in your joints and acts as an irritant (like sand or grit). Calcium is paramagnetic, which means it's affected by magnetism, but doesn't stay magnetized when the magnetic field is removed like iron or neodymium.

So if the frequency of the magnetic field is slow enough, and the wave shape is pulsed more abruptly (square waves best, sawtooth waves weak, sine waves no good), the pulsing field will loosen the calcium. Then if you follow the session by drinking a lot of clear water it will flush the calcium that has been loosened out of your body.

I'm not a scientist and I don't know if I'm interpreting that correctly.

I do know it worked for me.

They offer a 90 day no risk trial, and give you free shipping if you track your progress in 90 days and send in the data on their form. I suppose they want to use your improvements as a testimonial - I tracked progress for 2 months and then dropped it when my mother-in-law went into the hospital so I didn't get my shipping reimbursed - no big deal, mother-in-law was more important than that.

The PEMFT is gradual, but within a month I noticed the difference. Now I'm completely pain free, and so is my wife.

Important: although my wife improved greatly, she was eating a lot of chicken. So we googled fowl and arachidonic acid and found chicken high, duck even higher so she quit the chicken and with a couple of weeks her hands became pain free. We are musicians and we use our hands daily.

There was a time when I substituted my ring finger for my little finger on the guitar because the pressure of pressing the string down shot pain into a previously injured little finger joint. I also avoided the note G# on the saxophone for the same reason (changed the key of a few songs to eliminate G#'s). I hooked up a foot pedal on my computer to press the shift key for the same reason. Now I can use the little finger all I want with no problem.

Even after the diet, I had problems with that joint, not nearly as much as before, but it still was painful. After diet and PEMFT it's probably 99.9% normal. From our experience, the diet and the PEMFT work hand in hand. If you are serious, do both.



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Thank you Bob. It's really nice to hear this from someone who's used the machine and not just a testimonial on a website. Do you and your wife use the Earth Pulse daily and if so for how long? If a person can try it for 90 days and return it with only a 10% restocking fee then I don't see much of a downside if it doesn't give the desired results. Also, the info below is on the Earth Pulse site. It looks like a way to make up for the free shipping you didn't get due to your mother-in-law's illness. If you would like, you can send me your e-mail address and full name by private message and I will call them next week and let them know you referred me.


In return for each client you refer (they give us your email or name in return for free shipping) you receive a $100 rebate against your purchase automatically until such time as your purchase has been reimbursed in full (including your shipping).

After that we will continue sending $100 'bird-dog' fee for each new client you send us. Your referrals get the most effective sleep, performance enhancement and anti-aging technology with FREE INTL SHIPPING (as incentive to remember to supply your information to us on the phone or in the "special instructions" box when placing their order); they get their new EarthPulse™ with the benefit of the same referral / discount program AND 90-day satisfaction guarantee. We hope you get the benefit of owning yours for FREE (or better with income in your pocket:).

After 6 months from purchase, all referral fees / rebates are paid by PayPal® or Xoom® - as
credit directly back to credit card through merchant account becomes impossible.


Claire, PEMF is FDA approved for spinal fusion and non-unions, but they refer to it as a "bone growth stimulater".
I used a small hand held unit for 10 years for any ache or pain, emits a square wave. Never fails to offer relief and faster healing.

Here's what Aetn says:

Electrical stimulation devices use low-energy electromagnetic fields to promote healing by creating weak electrical currents across the fracture site. Weak electrical currents have been found to stimulate bone formation and calcification. Physicians are not certain why it works, but many speculate that the currents stimulate osteocytes (bone cells) and may change the structure of the cell wall, enhancing bone union.


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Thank you Bob. It's really nice to hear this from someone who's used the machine and not just a testimonial on a website. Do you and your wife use the Earth Pulse daily and if so for how long?<...>
We put it under the mattress pad and let it run all night. We have a 'memory foam' bed and topper so there is no iron (springs) to distort the magnetic field. But due to the thickness of the pad, the field is weak by the time it gets to us.

When I first started, I used it daily for about 15 minutes under my hands. I used a small cushion, put the magnet under it and hands on top. I also used to put it under my seat cushion under the troubling hip for a half hour.

I don't do either daily anymore, but under the cushion a few days per week. That's easy because I'm drinking tea then. But my hands are doing so well, I don't want to sit idle for 15 minutes anymore.

A couple of things you should note:

1) don't do it near the computer -- I don't know how strong of a field it takes to corrupt the data on a magnetic hard drive, but I don't want to find out

2) don't wear anything magnetic when using it (test metal clothing with a small magnet to be sure). Ferro-magnetic substances (iron, steel, neodymium, etc.) will distort the field and may get hot under the influence.

(I had electronics in college and magnetism and electricity are related and taught together)

The electromagnet itself will get warm in time, as there is resistance in the wire. It shouldn't be hot enough to damage many materials, and it didn't hurt my foam bedding, but if you aren't sure, test first.

The referral isn't necessary but I do appreciate the offer. PM coming.



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hydrogen sulfide -stem cells

Stem cells in bone marrow need to produce hydrogen sulfide in order to properly multiply and form bone tissue, according to a new study from the Center for Craniofacial Molecular Biology at the Ostrow School of Dentistry.

Professor Songtao Shi, principal investigator on the project, said the presence of hydrogen sulfide produced by the cells governs the flow of calcium ions. The essential ions activate a chain of cellular signals that results in osteogenesis, or the creation of new bone tissue, and keeps the breakdown of old bone tissue at a proper level.

Conversely, having a hydrogen sulfide deficiency disrupted bone homeostasis and resulted in a condition similar to osteoporosis -- weakened, brittle bones -- in experimental mice. In humans, osteoporosis can cause serious problems such as bone fractures, mobility limitations and spinal problems; more than 52 million Americans have or are at risk for the disease.

However, Shi and his team demonstrated that the mice's condition could be rescued by administering small molecules that release hydrogen sulfide inside the body. The results indicate that a similar treatment may have potential to help human patients, Shi said.

"These results demonstrate hydrogen sulfide regulates bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, and restoring hydrogen sulfide levels via non-toxic donors may provide treatments for diseases such as osteoporosis, which can arise from hydrogen sulfide deficiencies," Shi said.


Story Source:

The above story is based on materials provided by University of Southern California. The original article was written by Beth Newcomb. Note: Materials may be edited for content and length.


Journal Reference:
1.Yi Liu, Ruili Yang, Xibao Liu, Yu Zhou, Cunye Qu, Takashi Kikuiri, Songlin Wang, Ebrahim Zandi, Junbao Du, Indu S. Ambudkar, Songtao Shi. Hydrogen Sulfide Maintains Mesenchymal Stem Cell Function and Bone Homeostasis via Regulation of Ca2 Channel Sulfhydration. Cell Stem Cell, 2014; DOI: 10.1016/j.stem.2014.03.005

University of Southern California. "Proper stem cell function requires hydrogen sulfide." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 17 April 2014. <>.


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Thanks for the info, SJ.

I looked up the device and saw that it was FDA approved; however, that's a fairly meaningless statement, IMO.

The name of the company that contacted me is We Heal Plus. Does anyone have experience with this particular company?

Dr. Centeno says the claims about PEMF increasing one's the number of one's stem cells are not accurate; he made no comment about it helping pain or healing in general.

One of my nieces, who is a biomedical engineer, expressed skepticism, too.

I'm saving up for my stem cell treatments and simply do not have any money to waste on yet another potentially disappointing device.

I've seen people who have positive reviews of PEMF and others who have negative reviews. I really don't know what to think.


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I think it sounds useful for pain management. I am going to purchase one for my husband (the one Bob uses) and will let you know. I find many complementary treatments (acupuncture for one) to have enhanced my stem cell treatments.


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I think it sounds useful for pain management. I am going to purchase one for my husband (the one Bob uses) and will let you know. I find many complementary treatments (acupuncture for one) to have enhanced my stem cell treatments.
Going to and entering pemf and stem cells brings up a lot of abstracts. It seems that pubmed prefers pemf to pemft. I'm not versed enough in stem cells to understand a lot of the posts, but many of them seem encouraging to me. isn't the most user friendly site in the world, but then it is a government site, and there are zillions of peer-reviewed abstracts on the site. I find the best results is to be creative with search terms and use the Pubmed Advanced Search Builder (Click advanced under the search box).

Many of you may already know this, so please pardon me if it's repeat information.

Barbara, I'm very interested in your results.



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Yes. Everyone please report your results!

I don't have time to do a search on that topic at the moment. I've been asked to write another article for a medical research journal and it is due ASAP! If anyone else has time to look up the stem cells and PEMF stuff, please give me your opinions!

I'm also having to take pain pills and muscle relaxers, which I usually avoid, due to the further deterioration of my back and knees. So, I'm not all here, so to speak!