Update for stem cell study for peripheral neuropathy


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Hey everyone,
Well the study ended last week for peripheral neuropathy with adipose stem cells. In two years I've only had 1 flare up! I'm Going to discuss my next option with Dr. Todd Malan in June. Right now he is at his Bahamas clinic. Dr. Malan's other clinic is in Scottsdale, AZ. At least I know that stem cells can help your condition. take care!.....Peg


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peg - Thank you so much for the update!! One flare up in 2 years is pretty impressive. When I read something like that and then think of all the hurdles the FDA has put up for patients, it really makes my blood boil. I am very happy you have made such progress.

Will Dr. Malan be working mainly in the Bahamas or is he returning to the U.S. in June to work at his Arizona clinic for awhile?


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Update adipose stem cells for peripheral neuropathy

Dr, Malan will be back in Scottsdale, Az in June. Dr. Lee has been running the Scottsdale clinic during Dr. Malan's sabbatical for research. Dr. Malan's Arizona clinic has been approved by the FDA for another study of stem cells this year for adipose stem cells for knee conditions such as arthritis, etc. I'll be making a phone conference with him in June. Have you contacted Dr. Lee about being a guest speaker? I may have to wait longer for my next stem cell therapy. Whether it be adipose or neuron adult stem cells. Take care...Peg


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I have peripheral neuropathy, FMS and possible borderline Sjogrens

I have peripheral neuropathy, FMS and possible borderline Sjogrens
I've been to various podiatrists, orthopedist, neurologists & rheumatologist.

They all are not sure if I have tarsal-tunnel syndrome or posterior tendinitis.

Sjogrens is associated with fine tissue neuropathy. For all I know my severe arch pain may be due in part to fine-tissue neuropathy, since my lab results show a result of "5" in the DNA section of my Sjogrens tests.

P.S. I'm more of a believer in bone-marrow cells for permanent regeneration, as I was given to understand by an adipose clinic that the latter requires periodic maintenance.

Now, lets say such maintenance would cost even $200 a shot, I'd go for it.
But to shell out 10K or 15K every few years for maintenance? Give me a break.