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Sorry, but I just came back to Manila on May 16 and got sick and has to delay my flight back to Davao, my home province. Then my computer conked out on me and had to have it repaired before I can even post my update.
Barbara and Carmen, I am sorry for not responding to your messages, but I was still in the US at the time and was not feeling very well. Anyway here is the update.
April 18, - Stem cell treatment with bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and placenta blood.
The first week was okay.
On the start of the 2ND week, I had a lot more SOB at less exertion and recovery time is a lot longer.
Middle of 2ND week- I felt like a cold coming, runny nose, lot of coughing. Took Zertek - D. Stayed on bed. The feeling lasted only for three days.
At middle of 3RD week cold symptom came back and again lasted for 3 days.

Start of 4TH week was better because SOB stage is about the same as before the stem cell treatment.
May 14 - Flight back to Manila - developed full blown flu like symptom without the fever. trouble breathing with Oxygen supply set at 4 LPM. Delayed trip back to Davao (my home province) until breathing became bearable for the plane ride (May 20).
Presently, I am still trying to recover from this flu like symptom.
Summarizing this update, the first month is a lot of ups and down feeling and there is no improvement yet on my condition.
By the way, I tried to go to the Nepsis website and was surprised to see it automatically go to a different website called Biogenesis Institute. Some concern on my part developed because as I mentioned before, the facility where I was treated was not the same as shown on the Nepsis website or catalogue and a Dr. Vasquez treated me instead of Dr. Ramirez. My treatment took place on a rented place in another building. I did not see any modern equipment shown in the catalogue. I contacted Dr. Payne ( my Nepsis contact) and I was told that Nepsis is now concentrating on Research and Development work and that the sister company, Biogenesis Institute handles all the clinical work.
According to Dr. Payne, the stem cell mixture that they treated me is the same mixture that they treated other emphysema patients before and that any improvement on my condition could take place in 6 to 8 months.


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I am sure glad to hear from you. Carmen and I were getting plenty worried. It sounds like you picked up a nasty cold/flu someplace along the line which is one of the reasons I hate air travel. I was always getting something when I flew. I'm not saying you caught your bug on a plane, but traveling can make you susceptible in my opinion especially to those of us that already have immune system problems.

Dr. Young has suggested that anyone that is planning to fly or travel should take a probiotic.

Flora Source, a Multi-Probiotic sold by Nutri Health Supplements (see link on the home page)

It isn't a bad idea to take probiotics all the time, but if you don't want to then consider at least taking then prior to travel and during your trip. I think his thinking is sound to get one's gut in shape before attempting a major trip.

What supplements and nutraceuticals are you taking? My regimen also included glutathione which to me, would alleviate the symptoms you are talking about. I hope you are using it.

The stem cell treatment combined with the post treatment is needed in my opinion. That is one reason I chose to have a treatment with this company. I hope you are following the post treatment protocol.

Did you also have adipose stem cells? Do you have any conditions besides COPD? Hopefully, you will start feeling better and see the same type of results I had. You need to shake the respiratory infection for sure.
Do you include Vitamin D in your daily regimen?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but I am sure many others are as interested as I am about your treatment.

As for the facility, I am not sure what you mean by modern equipment. There is no modern, fancy equipment to my knowledge at Dr. Ramirez' office.

Please get feeling better and keep us updated.
Nepsis/Biogenesis Institute

Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to nail down a trip to Dr. Ramirez through Nepsis/Biogenesis Institute and the silence is deafening. I would think that Dr. Vasquez is an accomplished physician but I don't know him, his facility, or Biogenesis Institute for that matter. I was going through with Nepsis due to my experiences and familiarity with Dr. Payne and Dr. Ramirez. But that seems to be gone. "Times, They are a changin'". I hope you feel better and get some improvements in the next few months.
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The regimen I was using was the one given to me by Dr. Payne including nebulizing glutatione. As for the adipose stem cell, it was intentionally taken out per Nepsis recommendation. They claim that it is not needed in my case. I just bought Vitamin D-3 in the US. Somehow I could not find it here in the Philippines. Before the bone marrow extraction, I was given a thorough blood check and also ultra sound to check my heart by a specialist. Everything seems to be okay except that they discovered that there was a blockage in one of the artery going to my heart. I was given a prescription for Cardinit (Nitrate patch). In the facility brochure, it shows a clinic surgical room which seems like to contain modern equipment. I don't know where this is located though.


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DannyO, They probably did not give you the adipose stem cells because of the heart condition they found. In the procedure they use, it requires a plastic surgeon, under general anesthesia to perform the liposuction. In your case, this could have proved risky.

Are you inhaling the glutathione twice a day? Do you find it helping you?

I would think you might want to do follow up with your own doctor on your cardiac condition. I am glad to hear that you were checked prior to treatment.

I hope you will continue to update us and I hope that you start feeling some improvements.


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Hi Danny, I hope you will improve and things get better for you. After reading both your posting together with MIchaelsdad, the change of status, website change and the movement of the company's structure, I would advise that anyone looking at this company from this time on to be very careful.


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That's wonderful news! It's great to have someone with the disease working with doctors that have specific knowledge of the body's ability to heal itself! Haven't been this encouraged in a while! You go girl! WOW!


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Barbara: You are making too many assumptions regarding my previous post. I believe that anyone who has a chronic life threatening disease should explore all possibilities in an effort to enhance the quality and possibly the longevity of their life. I am one of those who have done so and I have been very prudent in the search process. Biogenesis or Nepsis or whatever may be a wonderful operation but it did not meet my criteria. I am disappointed that you mentioned Dr. Grekos and Regenocyte in an unfavorable light. I have no idea why you brought Dr. Grekos and Regenocyte into the discussion and asking that he explain why a patient of his died. You know well this can be a risky business in many cases.I do also know that a five year old boy that no else would go near also passed away some time ago before full treatment could be administered. The only conclusion I can reach for you bringing Dr. Grekos into the conversation in that manner is that you know that Regenocyte and Dr. Grekos were my choice for my stem cell treatment and that he has turned down ICMS with regard to information on his findings. Thats his choice!!! I am not and never have been a schill for Regenocyte and never will be although I am satisfied with their work and follow-up, a major criteria. I met with Dr. Grekos before my treatment and several times thereafter. Actually, when my regular cardiologist could not help me with a problem I was having I contacted Dr. Grekos office and an appointment was made with him and he found the root cause of my problem.
My post on this forum "Journey to Santo Domingo" was done honestly and openly and I was as open as I could be. Once again, although I would recommend Regenocyte to anyone I would ask all that they do their own homework and not rely totally on videos and information from sources that may have a vested interest. As far as ICMS, Barbara, you sent me an e-mail asking me to consider providing information to an ICMS "director". You may have sent others e mails, I don't know and I don't care. Regardless of what ICMS missions statement is I would not divulge personal information to ICMS. It seems they have may have gone from trying to obtain information from a company based position to one of contacting the individual. In any event it has not been quite a year since my stem cell treatment. I believe it willl take a bit more time before I evaluate the success of the treatment although it has helped me greatly.
Barbara, you have mentioned in your recent post that you "do not hide anything from this forum". I think many of us would like to know just what it is you will be doing with Biogenesis and what your background is. It may be very interesting.
To Danny: I sincerely wish the best for you. You sound like a very special guy and I pray that you will improve significantly. As a side note, a number of years ago I was a young Navy Pilot flying off the Aircraft Carrier, Franklin Roosevelt (CVA 42) out of Subic Bay, Phillipines. Subic Bay no longer exists as a U.S. Base as you well know. Several of our operational maneuvers took place southeast of Mindanao Island, the most southern and largest of the Phillipine islands. I was privileged to see the beauty of your province and city, Davao, it was a beautiful setting. I shall always remember flying in formation at about 8,000 feet and seeing the majesty and wonder of Mt. Apo which was surrounded by wispy cirrus clouds and had to be at least 10,000 feet high. The ocean, the sand, the sprawling young city. It was beautiful. Good luck Danny and be careful!


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Buddy - Perhaps we are both making too many assumptions, however, my ENTIRE point it that clinics that are doing their job SHOULD check patients prior to treatment and NOT give treatment if a condition is found that the patient either was unaware of or chose not to disclose when sending in their medical records.
You did your homework, you are happy, that's great. Not all clinics will meet the criteria for every sick patient in the world. You selected one that you believed fit your criteria. I believe that clinics shouldn't meet every patient criteria to tell you the truth as it becomes factory stem cell treating at that point.
From reading your posts, it was clear to me that you felt that Danny O's treatment was in some way not up to par with the treatment that you got or others might get at other clinics. I pointed out the situation with Dr. Grekos because it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
Some patients seem to think that having stem cells no matter what condition they find themselves in is going to magically return them to a healthy individual almost instantly with no effort on their part. People rush in for treatment, turn in incomplete medical histories, rush home when they are done, may or may not follow (or even get) post treatment instructions and in general are not going to have a treatment that lives up to their
pre-conceived expectations. Those that take the time to plan and do a good job of checking out where they will be going and what the limitations of treatment can be, will not be surprised as they go armed with the knowledge they need.
My point with Dr. Grekos is that some patients should not be getting treatment at all. I am sure that Dr. Grekos will agree and will address this. I pointed it out because you seem to feel that if a patient would just be more diligent in checking out what clinic they go to, that all will end happily. My thoughts again are that some patients may be too ill for treatment and some also may not disclose all conditions or again, even realize they have them. Patients expire all the time in hospitals when undergoing procedures, but for some reason I feel that some people do not realize the seriousness of a stem cell treatment. I do not know if the patient who died had as many meetings with the doctors as you did. For some who live in other parts of the world, this is not always possible. Many do not have the kind of money to travel back and forth either. Another good reason to work with ICMS! Patients should not have to fly all over the world when they are seriously ill seeking treatment. The ICMS guidelines have been written with the hopes that the FDA will accept them as they have with IV clinics. Dr. Grekos should be a part of it and hopefully that will change soon.
I e-mailed you asking if you would give a short testimonial as to how you think your stem cell treatment benefited you. I asked if you would speak with the director of ICMS as they prepared to meet with an influential US Senator. No one wants or needs personal medical information and the e-mail did not state that. I am sorry you did not respond for clarification. If patients do not get behind the effort to try to get stem cell therapy legal and available in the U.S., then it is our loss. Not everyone has the kind of funds to get treatment offshore Buddy. We need to make it much more widely available and with that, the cost will undoubtedly drop or become a treatment that can be covered by insurance.
I already stated that I would be part of the think tank environment at Biogenesis. COPD is the main focus of the clinic I will be involved with. My experience as a patient will give this company valuable insight as to how treatments and protocals can be made more comfortable to patients and beneficial. I will be putting in place a standardized protocol to track patients and every patient will also be in the open registry of ICMS. The open registry is not one that people can learn of anyone's medical history. No names are involved. It is simply a way to track if a particular type of therapy is successful or not.
I guess I am rather floored that anyone would not think that helping move stem cell therapy to the next level is not a good thing. I do hope that is not what you are implying. The members on this forum that have been lost take a toll on me. It is so sad to see them deteriorate as they are denied treatments that could possibly save their lives because of politicians, regulatory agencies, Big Pharma and groups such as the ISSCR. Have you ever considered that some researchers are simply content to research with no end in sight as far as bringing that research to a human testing level? We have to be careful that we are not being played for suckers by a scientific community that really has no intentions of giving us what we want - actual treatments on humans.
I read and study a lot. I have many doctors and scientists and owners of companies that I admire and rely on to give me support for this forum. I have no intention of stepping on anyone's feet because I have taken a position that I feel I was probably destined to have. I want a cure Buddy. If I can help in any way, shape or form, I will.
I have a solid background in business. I have a BSBA in Business Administration. I was small business person of the year from Colorado in 1984 and was honored by President Reagan in the White House. I went on to win my district. My last name was Johnson then if you want to Google for the info. I have owned several successful small businesses, one of which was a contact lens manufacturing company which the FDA has regulatory power over. I started and still operate a 501c3 rescue group for birds and other animals. I co-founded this forum and COPDliving. I co-authored a book. I work on this forum all the time at zero compensation except for the amazing number of kind e-mails and private messages I get thanking Jeannine and me for doing this.
I had a very successful treatment last December. I would wish it on everyone that has COPD. This company will be getting a new website, new protocols that I will insure are followed closely to track patients pre and post. We will be having a 4 person study starting this coming week to prepare us for a more formal clinical trial procedure. I do wish that other companies will follow suit because this is needed to combat the naysayers.
Bottom line Buddy is that I will be doing things I like to do and am good at. Thinking, implementing, improving, caring, sharing and making sure that the quest for a cure is a successful one.

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To Buddy: Thanks for encouraging words on my stem cell treatment. When I made the the Nepsis now Biogenesis as the stem facility to treat me, I did not just pick by random. I did my homework and contacted several stem cell facilities. I tried to tabulate doctors/facility with their treated patients and their treatment updates published in this website. If incomplete, I tried to contact patient themselves through private messages. I've contacted Nepsis Last November, 2009 and got their quote. I waited for a little while until I got all the information in comparing the different stem cell doctors/facilities. I made the decision last February and was even surprised that the qouted price went up by 50% because the Mexican government raised taxes on all medical procedures. I still made the choice and I believe that it is the right one based on all the information I got. It is just one and half month since my stem cell treatment and as expected there is no improvement yet.
It is good to hear about your military posting the aircract crier out of Subic Bay. As you know already. I now live in Davao City which is probably part of your operational flying maneuvers. If ever you come here in the Philippines, include Davao City as one of your destinations. Let me know and I'll pick you up from the airport. For that matter anyone of you guys ever come here in the Philippines, you can visit me here in Davao City.

To Barbara: Good luck on your next stem cell treatment. Thank you and Jennie for pioneering this stem cell website. We are getting good information on the options available for treating our illness. It is good to hear that Biogenesis is planning to have a separate clinic dedicated for COPD and other lung problems. I hope that it does materialize.