Suitable treatment after hemorrhagic stroke


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Hello everybody,
best regards from Germany. Excuse me if i´m doing any mistakes. I´m used to speak and write in english, nevertheless it isn´t my mother tongue. Unfortunately i have to join here with the age of 25.

In novembre 2017 i had a hemorrhagic stroke. When i noticed severe headaches i went to hospital. Unfortunately they sent me home, not knowing a blood vessel ruptured in that night.
Later that night i was delivered to the emergency room by ambulance.

In the beginning i recovered great. There are no issues in cognition and and physical aspects. The only deficit which remained is a left sided homonymous hemianopsia, because damage to optic radiation, that has dramatical impact on life.
Being unable to see faces (the left half is cut away) is very depressing. Everything that requires vision is impossible. Navigating in the streets, watching movies or somethin else, driving, everythings gone. Since february, when i finished rehab, i am sitting and googling for a solution, unable to do anything else or think about anything beside my disorder.

I´ve found many clinics that claim they can treat, or at least, improve motor function, but none that are experienced with my condition.
Currently i try hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Germany, until now with less success.

So i´d like to ask this community for help:
- Have somebody suffered from the same or a similar condition and experienced improvement by stem cells?
- Is somebody experienced in stem cell treatment for hemorrhagic stroke?

Of course i did my own research and read a lot about the chance fetal stem cells provide.
Moreover i think that Dr. Steenblock could be interesting for my condition.

Thank you for any kind of help!

- i hope i opened this thread in the right area of this forum-

best regards from Germany.


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Welcome to the forum!

Was your rehab specifically for your vision problem? It appears that that is a whole rehab program in itself.

This article mentions computer assisted programs that tout complete recovery

What type of treatment does Dr. Steenblock offer?

Unfortunately, there just isn't a lot of data as you know about stem cell treatment for your condition. Treatments are experimental and many of us have chosen to become guinia pigs, not knowing whether or not stem cell therapy could help our conditions. That's the problem when a therapy is in its infancy.

Please let us know what you decide. It's a learning experience for all of us.


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Rehab wasn´t specialized for my symptoms. The only way they try to treat is to compensate by turning your head to your blind side, which, in my opinion, do not solve the problem.

Somewhere i´ve read that Dr. Steenblock wrote about stroke patients who went partially blind and regained some of their vision after his treatment. I hoped anybody here had his treatment for stroke, maybe even a similar symptom. Moreover i´ve read that somebody, called Dr. Ramirez, have treated children with cortical blindness, which category i belong to.
I know that research is weak and i have to try it and see if it works. I hoped there is somebody else with issues like mine.

Thank you! Hope you can understand me.


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You probably read this interview with Dr. Steinblock (who has been referred to as the Stroke Doctor) -

Question: How are stem cells and HBOT used to aid in recovery for patients who have suffered a stroke (or suffer from other neurological conditions like Traumatic Brain Injuries and Cerebral Palsy)?

Dr. Steenblock: Very simply, bone marrow is taken from the hip bone and given back to the patient intravenously. HBOT is then done daily for a few days. In patients with a stroke, heart attack, cerebral palsy or a traumatic brain injury, injured tissues are ‘dormant’ and non-functioning, but still alive. Stem cells and/or HBOT rescues these ‘sleeping’ tissues and return them to more normal function. In children, cognitive function and spasticity are improved in 70% to 80% of cases. Paralysis may improve or even disappear; children have gained their eyesight for the first time while people blind from their stroke have been known to regain their eyesight. Over 90% of stroke victims will have at least some degree of improvement in their problem areas if treated even many years after their stroke.

And you are very understandable! If you should decide to get treatment, please keep us informed. For me, if travel and funds were not an issue, I would certainly go for it. I can also ask Dr. Steenblock to give us an update if you'd like. I noticed his Stroke Doctor website is rather devoid of information most likely due to the over zealous FDA.


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Thank you so much!
It would be amazing if it´s possible to ask and get some further informations. Currently i´m reading his book about umbilical cord blood therapy, which i offered hoping to read about cortical visual impairment. I did not finish so far but until now i found nothing about.

I´ve tried a few times to call his office but i didn´t make it. I had to choose a number, i think i just spoke to a narrator or mailbox which i did not understand completely. Currently i´m doing HBOT, after i will get some help to call his office. I think it´s a good chance. In some interviews and reports he was very encouraging to me.

best regards!


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Dr Steenblock was very quick to reply with a lot of information. He mentions PEMF. I use a nice portable machine which wasn't too costly called a SOTA. I have the MP6 model. Have you been using magnesium and Vitamin E as he mentions?

Here's what he sent -

In regard to this stroke patient, the best thing is for her (or him) to stay there and to continue to get HBO even out to 120 dives and I would up the pressure to 2 ATA if she has already done 60 treatments since increasing the pressure sometimes is what makes it all work. If all of this does not work then she should get stem cells into her CSF. She might want to do some PEMF to that posterior occiput area that was affected by the stroke daily. Since it was hemorrhagic the question then is what caused it and should she do stem cells to help heal the arteries? It is true that I have had a number of patients regain their eyesight with these methods. If it has been less than one year since her stroke I would also consider using intravenous DMSO but a year after the stroke it does not work much from my experience. She might also take some inositol hexaphosphate on a daily basis to help remove some of the iron from her brain. Hopefully she and her doctor know to use vitamin E and Magnesium prior to each HBO since otherwise the oxygen reacts with the iron and a fenton reaction then makes free radicals which further damage her brain.
Hope this helps! David


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WOW thank you so much!
Before todays dive i got some magnesium and vitamin E. Alltough i don´t know how much, i will take some before diving. Today it was just my 12. session. 60-80 are planned, each 90 minutes. We are using 2.0 ATA.

Maybe i have to go into more detail. The hemorrhage of mine was because of arterio-venous malformation (a connection between artery and vene which will rupture sometime after birth.
It is very encouraging to read that patients with similar symptoms have been treated with success.

At the end i think it would be wise to be treated by Dr. Steenblock. It seems that he knows what he is doing and quite successful, isn´t he?

Do you know if he uses umbilical cord stem cells?

Thank you!

best regards from Germany


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Below is the reply I got from Dr. Steenblock. If you want to discuss stem cell treatment with him, it's best to contact him directly. Also, I've invited him to host Ask the Doctor next month. It should be very interesting! You can also submit questions for that feature directly to me via private message if you'd like.